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Homework Task:

Compare and Contrast between a Centralized and a Decentralized application under any of these categories social media, Browsers, Gaming, Finance, Gambling, file Storage, Trading, Charity, etc.
For example;
Steemit Vs Facebook (Social media category)
Dlive Vs Youtube(Video platforms)
Brave browser Vs Google chrome (Browsers)
EOS racing Vs Need for speed (Gaming)
BitTorrent Speed Vs Google drive(Storage/Filesharing)

Professor @yohan2on

I chose to complete this homework on two social media platforms, steemit and facebook. Before comparing the two, I wanted to talk about the two centralized and decentralized applications. So let's see what those facts are.


Centralized Application

Centralized Application is simply a network managed by a centralized client. This is a software application with different nodes and with this, it contains all the logic for one client to take the required action.

Example for centralized application :-
• Facebook
• Whatsapp
• Twitter
• Instagram

Decentralized Application

A decentralized application is a network that does not have a central server, but runs on several computer applications or blockchain, a software or computer system, or a peer-to-peer computer network, where each node in the system runs on its own.

Example for decentralized application :-
• Steemit
• Yup
• Ecency
• Somesing

Now let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two. For that, I will present the advantages and disadvantages of facebook and steemit for example.




Steemit is a blockchain based blogging and social media website that pays users to write and engage. As such, it is different from other social media.

Advantages of steemit blockchain

• The most valuable advantage of this is that the use of steemit is not a waste of time compared to other social media ( facebook, instagram and twitter. ) This adds value to the time we spend.

• Steemit pays Steemit users for writing and commenting. There is no pays for such articles on other social media.

• Registration here is easy and that for is no charge by the steemit company.

• Steemit offers its users three prizes: SBD, Steem Power and Steem.

• Users are free to post quality articles under any heading they like.

• Never not allow plagiarism.

• Unlike other social media, the articles posted here have something to learn. It also helps us to gather new knowledge.

• Steemit is a blockchain that is growing day by day so it is an advantage for us to be able to move forward with it.


Facebook is a huge social media company that has won the hearts of everyone who earns more money through advertising.

Advantages of facebook

• Facebook networking is very important to easily connect with our family, friends and work colleagues as well as to identify new people.

• Facebook can also be used for our business activities. That is, Facebook allows for partnerships between different projects. Also, the brand of the business becomes famous by educating the people about the business through a fan page.

• To have fun and have a happy time.

• Can be used as a source to get the latest information and news instantly.

• Facebook allows the use of video chat so that we can have happy conversation with our friends.

• Be the best social media for picture and video display.

• People can use facebook as a means of educating people.

Disadvantages of facebook

• The main disadvantage of Facebook is that it is time killing.

• That is why many people get addicted to facebook very quickly.

• The opportunity for others to know our personal information.

• Facebook is full of many fake profiles.

• Allowing the display of scenes such as pornography and violence.

• Can be used as a facebook tool to insult people.

• In some cases, making contact with strangers through Facebook can be fatal. (We hear a lot from news, television and newspapers about some people committing suicide because of Facebook.)

• Allowing Facebook to spread false information about various things.

I think the disadvantages of Facebook outweigh its advantages. But anything has both good and bad sides, so good and bad decisions are made by the way we use them.

The End.


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