Blurt up 30% on

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Blurt crypto, an old 2020 Fork from Steemit is up 30% today.

You can Trade Blurt on :


Anyone who had a blog back in May 2020 automatically received a Free Blurt Blog on July 4 2020 with Blurt crypto from a Snap shot of their Steemit wallet in May 2020.

Blurt is very friendly with Steemit bloggers.

You can trade your Blurt for Steem on or leave as Blurt Power to earn big Curation Rewards on

If you don’t have a Blurt Blog you can create one for Free with the “LetsBlurt” app for Android (IOS) coming soon ...

LetsBlurt :


There are a few front ends for Blurt,

My favourite is Blurtter ....

See you on Blurt !








I keep looking at Blurt and got on there and made some posts but something was going on couple months ago and that wouldn't let me do anything so I haven't been back on there really since the price sunk a lot. I'm always curious with the pricing if I could scoop up a lot of coins and become a whale but my worry is that it wouldn't keep moving in the right direction. I don't want it to do what Golos or Scorum did.

I just powered up a good chunk here with the STEEM Dollar Flying to Pluto I think this is going to be a repeat of 2017.

Steem is headed back to $7 .... probably much higher. I think Blurt will go there too. I went from 6,000 Blurt to 350,000 Blurt in 8 months. I buy it super duper cheap on Hive Engine ... some great developers on Blurt.

I mean what is the master plan with Blurt that is different from HIVE and STEEM?

The developers working on Blurt are much friendlier and accessible compared to whoever is running Hive and Steemit. They listen to the creators. And are willing to try different things ... It’s refreshing to see,

I'm glad to see they got the listing on ProBit. I have had a good experience with ProBit so far.

It’s pretty good. I like ... . Hopefully Binance too.

I'm always looking at Ionomy but I haven't actually sent funds there yet. I wish they had other parings besides just those Bitcoin parings though.

I will have to get back on there and start posting more. I realized what was happening to me. For some reason my Key wasn't being saved and then i couldn't login and I wasn't sure about that Whale Vault because it didn't have many reviews and my keys are the same on STEEM and HIVE and I worried that if something was wrong with it then I could be compromised across all platforms and didn't want to mess with changing my keys.

Now is the time to blurt

Blurt headed for the moon .... especially with developments like Letsblurt and Bitsports...

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