SteemDollar (SBD) goes over $11.00 today !

Wow .. Go Steem Go.....

I could not believe my eyes this morning... 👀 ..

What’s the News ???





Waooo I am just.....

SBD was the one to Hodl ....

¿a que se debe?

This is great news and all but what exchanges actually have this price? I looked on ionomy and the rates are nowhere near the reported values. In the past I just converted my SBD to Steem but that would be unwise right now. I was hoping to be able to sell SBD somewhere and then immediately buy more Steem with the earnings but I can't find an exchange that offers anywhere near these rates. For example, my apps tell me that SBD is worth around say $7, but then I go to ionomy (which is the only exchange I can find that deals with SBD) and the bids are in the low $4 range.

Any ideas? You seem to know a great deal more about this than I do.

I just convert all my SBD to Steem with the internal market in my Wallet. Paid 0.761 SBD for 10.325 STEEM

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