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RE: Crypto Academy Week 3 Homework Post for [@sapwood] (100% powered up)

Thank you for attending the lecture in Steemit-Crypto-Academy & doing the homework task-3.

Excellent, I simply loved reading this piece.

In time, Web 2.0 will become obsolete. Even the semantic web (the idea behind web 3.0) fits perfectly in a decentralized technology like Blockchain. The kind of infrastructure web 3.0 applications need can only be supplemented with Blockchain infrastructure.

That said, we have already witnessed how the Blockchain wallets and their use have gone Web 3.0 at the end of the decade. They are now more popular than any other types.

Matamask is definitely one of the popular Web 3.0 wallet and DeFi has further galvanized the use-case of a Web 3.0 wallet.

Thank you.

Homework Task -3 accomplished successfully.


Thank you Sir,@sapwood for these valuable adding.

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