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RE: Crypto Academy / Season 3 / Week 3 - Homework Post for [@sapwood] Multiple Transfers/Batch Send at one click

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Thank you for attending the lecture in Steemit-Crypto-Academy Season 3 & doing the homework task-3

To counter the hefty transaction fee on the Ethereum blockchain, Dapps like Multisender and Multisend was developed.

Not to counter the fees charged by the network, rather to cater to the use-case of multisend/batch send to multiple outputs at one click.

So it would be unwise to use Multisender for executing transactions less than 100 or 1000.

It won't be economically beneficial if the sum of the total output is less than 0.09 ETH, it has to be sufficiently more than 0.09 ETH to mak it reasonable, cost-effective. Please note that the actual network fee(gas fee) is very small but, but the service provider like Multisender or Multisend charge additional fees for extending this service.


You don't need to highlight/emphasize the fields-- Send X times, Interval, Amount as it is a use-case for different amount- different users- different memo.

Invalid address for Multisender could be the address that has not been registered on the Ethereum blockchain yet.

Any address that is not recognized by the Blockchain can be a defined as an invalid address.


  • The author has demonstrated(with a real transaction) "how to send different amounts to different users with different memos" & "how to send repetitive transfer at a predefined interval at one click" using Steemyy with all the relevant screenshots included.
  • The author has also demonstrated how to batch send using the "Multisender" app in Etherum Blockchain with all the relevant screenshots included.
  • The author is quite organized in presentation, however, the screenshots are too small.
  • You have produced good content, with proper analysis and graphics but you need to pay attention to the corrections, wherever indicated. In time, you will get better and you will stand out one day with consistent effort & untiring perseverance.

Thank you.

Homework Task -3 successfully accomplished

Consistency, Compliance with Topic1/2
Quality of Analysis1.5/2
Real Transactions2/2

Thank you professor @sapwood for your review.