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RE: Steemit Crypto Academy Update [ November 22nd, 2021 ] - Season 5 : Week 2 Courses

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Sorry to disturb your post but I am confused as I really do not understand y I was graded zero by the professor


@sapwood , I have met every single requirement of the academy please could you tell me why my account is under surveillance?

Meeting the requirements of #club5050 and #club100 wasn't so easy for me and after all I get to hear that my account is under surveillance with no reason.

Please sir, look into my account and inform me so I don't stay in the dark concerning what is going on

Here is the link to the homework post link

 2 months ago 

We did not get a contentment response on this:-


Why a user for his own account need to falsify/edit/photoshop his own image in an introduction post??

Why the original introduction post was deleted, what exactly the intention was?

I just came back on steemit and didn't know it was wrong, which was flagged out, and addressed me to do another one which I have done in the link below.

I deleted the old one as I didn't want to waste time in doing it and to avoid plagiarism but I didn't know photoshopping was wrong and I have made corrections on that with a recent picture of me, and have carried the required achievement till achievement 4. Please lift the ban on my account and let me participate in the academy as I have done all you requested of me.

Thanks so much in anticipation and please give a feedback if I can be verified normally as I made sure I carried out all that was required of me during the break which costed me a lot.

God bless you

Here is the link of my achievement 1 link

And below is a screenshot of my verified achievement 1 and it is quite obvious that it wasn't photoshopped as I look more matured here


I plead that my homework post be revisited link


@sapwood please respond to me

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