Steemit Crypto Academy Weekly Update #8 [ March 29th, 2021 ]

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The Steemit Crypto Academy is now coming up to the two month mark.

This is a good time to pause for a short while, and review the progress of the Academy to date.

We have been delighted with the interest and engagement in the project.

Participation numbers have been excellent with more than 800 homework posts last week.

We are now going to take a two week break. During this time the Steemit team will be going through all the applications to recruit some new Crypto Professors.

The break will also give the Professors and @steemcurator02 time to finalize the grading and curation of any remaining homework posts.

Steemit Crypto Professors Recruitment

Because of the success of the Crypto Academy we are now looking to recruit some additional Crypto Professors.

Applications are open until Wednesday, March 31st if you are interested in applying…

Applications have so far been received from…

@abcallen (China), @ale.aristeguieta (Venezuela), @azamrai (Pakistan), @azizulhassan (Pakistan), @cryptocheta (Nigeria), @deveerei (Philippines), @fendit (Argentina), @fredquantum (Nigeria), @freecreative (Venezuela), @hassanabid (Pakistan), @jawad101 (Pakistan), @kouba01 (Tunisia), @maykit55 (Venezuela), @marcosdk (Spain), @njaywan (Ghana), @oppongk (Ghana), @talktofaith (Nigeria), @tomlee (Nigeria), @virajherath (Sri Lanka), @yousafharoonkhan (Pakistan).

If you have applied but are not on this list please make a comment below.
We plan to announce the new Steemit Crypto Professors in the first week of April.

We hope you have all been enjoying the Steemit Crypto Academy so far.

Extra efforts will be made after the break with the new Crypto Professors to ensure all homework posts are checked and curated in a timely fashion as we know that has been an issue.

We look forward to seeing all your homework posts when the Crypto Academy resumes in a couple of weeks.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


My application as professor!
application link

hae follow me for the best African content straight from Kenya

hae follow me for the best African content straight from Kenya

@steemcurator02 I just created an application post. I feel I might be a good fit for this. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity!

Good idea to increase the number of professors but I have a suggestion to make and hope it should be taken into consideration. I think those already holding other positions such as country representatives should not be selected as professors because holding double positions does not permit that person to be effective and efficient. Those without positions on steemit should be given that opportunity. Also, from the announcement of application of new professors, @steemitblog mentioned that those in countries who already had crypto professors should not be considered. Here I noticed they mentioned applications from Nigeria for example already have a crypto professor. I hope all this should be checked and give others the opportunity to serve on steem.
CC: @steemitblog

On behalf of Bangladesh, I also submitted the application this morning on @steemitblog

This is interesting, although I was baffled seeing the first paragraph

"This is a good time to pause for a short while, and review the progress of the Academy to date"

But thank God it's for a short while

Why was I baffled?
Steemit crypto academy is the first community I earned the highest payout over 2 years ago. I can't just wait to start answering our Professors assignment.
I have earned money and I've learnt a lot about cryptocurrencies and I can't just loose a great community with such impact on my blogging

I will be glad to see the update about the newly approved lecturers/professors as well

Long life #steemitblog
Long life #steemitcryptoacademy
Long life #steemit

hae follow me for the best African content straight from Kenya

Wow...this seems to be amongst the best community so far ! I really like the push on both sides and I must say I've developed my crypto knowledge to a greater height with the help of this initiative.
More ideas , More knowledge & More Earns

Thanks a lot to all crypto Professors and aspiring Professor, indeed you've really done great so far and we expect more from the Professors.

Thanks for your extra efforts and your hard work, we hope to see more professors as well as amazing lectures soon..

Steemit crypto academy has by far taught me so much and I can’t thank you less. Keep up the good work. I also want to make a little appeal, I want to appeal that the professors should atleast pardon students who atleast have little flaws in grammar rather than score them zero. Looking forward to meeting the new professors who will be elected and the various topics they have for us.

Long live steemit ❤️
Thank you @steemitblog

hae follow me for the best African content straight from Kenya

This initiative was a great one. Personally, I have learned a lot of things and I can't wait for the resumption. Kudos to all our Professors

I have had the opportunity of engaging the Steem Crypto Academy just once and the experience was quite amazing. See DeFi Week 7

I belong to the school of thought that says that knowledge is power. Just participating in the assignment has enlightened me so much and has helped me see reason why I should pay attention to getting knowledge.

Truly being a professor is not a lite task and am 100% in support of the professors taking a rest.

To all the professors I want to say a big thank you for all your courses.

Hope to see you upon your return after two weeks.


[WhereIn Android] (

Gracias a steemit cripto academy por encaminarnos a este nuevo mundo de las de las criptos modedas espero con ansias su regreso

@steemitblog @steemcurator01, i would help to curators in curation the posts of cryptoacademy.

Es una gran iniciativa donde cada día se aprende algo nuevo, como también mostramos nuestros conocimientos y experiencias. Espero por la siguiente semana. Saludos y buenos deseos.

hehe I joined the crypto academy just before the break, I will look forward to the new classes. Thanks for the announcement. See you soon. God bless you @steemitblog and Team Steemit

Gracias equipo. Espero que estás dos semanas pasen velozmente. De verdad disfruto mucho de las clases...

I have very little time in steemit, but I have seen more than 8 tutorials on youtube to understand its functionality more, it is easier to use than it seems the only problem that we present the new ones.

"Is to use the HTML editor"

Fortunately I know the basics of HTML, that's why it made it easier for me at the time of writing, but for us new people there are quite a few publications that teach you a more fundamental aspect of the platform, as I go along I meet more interesting people. I have come to steemit to grow as a writer and advance as a person ... I will be waiting two weeks to follow this project more closely, which I see as interesting.

As always we like to translate your posts into Italian for our community. We await the next.
@steemitblog @steemcurator01 thanks a lot for your work.

thanks a lot! looking forward to joining the academy.

How we can communicate with steemit team about community approval?

Buenas tardes saludos espero que sigan adelante con tan espectacular proyecto y esperemos con ansias la nueva temporada dentro de las 2 semanas...

Good day @steemitblog. Please kindly get the attention of professor @besticofinder to review assignments submitted in the last 5days. All the assignments submitted 5days ago for Professor @besticofinder have not been reviewed. This is the link to my homework post. Thank you.

hae follow me for the best African content straight from Kenya

We are grateful to the steemit team for continuing the learning process.

On Behalf of Bangladesh,
My Application for Crypto Professor at Cryptoacademy ::

That's Great. Hope to get new professor's soon come up with their great lessons.

hae follow me for the best African content straight from Kenya

Not sure who to talk to, but it looks like the TRX rewards have not been paying out on for several days now...

Thanks for putting in your best to make the Steemit crypto academy a better place @steemitblog. I wish the team the best and we await the innovation on the way.

I am from Indonesia. Can you register @steemitblog

@steemitblog, I must commend your efforts in making steemit an enjoyable place to stay.
We look forward to the new professor announcement.
Best regards

Dear @steemitblog,

I want to be a part of this beautiful initiative as a professor. Here's my application:

Thank You.

Thanks for this wonderful innovation introduced into SteemitCrptoAcademy by @steemitblog (76). God bless you, keep it up.


Thanks for good response.

Cant wait for the announcement.. this is exciting 😅

Kudos to the Steemit team for their effort so far.

We believe in you guys.

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Great work and good initiative that's what I will call the Steemit Crypto Academy lectures, and many thanks to you @steemitblog for been the backbone of this project. And we all really are looking forward to the new professor announcement. Thanks again and warm regards

Respected Steemit team, my post is reaching payout but it is still not curated by @steemcurator02. review has been given by @stream4u. Still it is not curated. Can you help me in this regard. Thanks


We hope to give much support for Steem Crypto Academy to help us learn and dive much into Crypto and understand how Crypto is going to effect our lives.

I would like to thank steemit team for such an amazing opportunity. Here is my application.

Great opportunity to become an educator of cryptocurrencies in the social network Steemit; I am just starting to take the first steps with my presentation in this promising virtual world, I will organize my daily activities and I will allocate time to take the course that the teacher appointed by Venezuela will lead. I will do my best to learn and maybe in the future I will become a teacher for Venezuela.

Beautiful educational project, especially from the social point of view because it is given for free; now, from the economic field it has several edges, being one of them that the participants can opt for rewards for our contributions by performing the tasks and participating actively; also, the economic component is present in the beginning of cryptocurrency trading that in a correct way would leave excellent income. For Venezuelans this educational program in cryptocurrencies is a blessing.

Valuable management @steemitblog, you, the Steemit community and God know and recognize all the great work you are doing. Happy day

Translated with (free version)

please do you like my latest content. I came back after a long time. this will be a source of motivation for me.

This is a good development @steemitblog some of my homework posts were not curated up until this moment.I only have one Homework post that hasnt expired,I hope it would be curated before it expires.

Saludos equipo de SteemitCryptoAcademy, gracias por la oportunidad, acá les dejo mi solicitud desde el 30/03/2021

Solicitud para Profesor de SteemitCryptoAcademy / by: @fintemia

great work from this team. I see you are catching up on pending votes for the latest assignments. Here is my entry for week 7 that is about to expire and has not received a vote. if it is within your reach

Hi there professor @yohan2on, my article from week-7, has already been evaluated by you; but it is about to expire, and has not received a vote. I would appreciate your help if it is within your reach.

I liked reading this post, it was a very knowledge, very good

I love this

My post is 6days old.


I know @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 are always busy. If there is time to check it, fine, but if it passes, it's still okay. I understand the work load.

Well done.

One love.

Hola @steemitblog que bueno que hagan este descanso, siempre merecen descansar por hacer un arduo trabajo. Pero la pausa vino justo cuando hice mi tarea. @steemcurator01 podría pasar a revisar mi publicación? Ya faltan unas horas para el pago de este post y todavía no ha pasado. Espero no molestar.

Un abrazo, gran equipo!

Hi, my post is reaching payout time and it is not curated yet. Is it possible for @steemcurator02 to upvote my post? Thanks.


Now win time ,vtho time. Details are in my post

My homework task for week 7 was reviewed long ago and has not been curated by @steemcurator02. It will expire tonight please kindly look into it. Here is the link
@steemitblog @steemcurator02 @yohan2on


Hi @steemitnlog,
There was a contest about our opinion about steemit in the steemingcuratirs community. I've mentioned this thing in my contest entry too. We didn't know about the earnings exchanges that much. Now the team is also down.
Do you have any idea when it will start work again?
Or is there any other ways to exchange our earnings with lower trasfer fees..?

With all due respect, I want to say that something that should be condemned, is happening on steemit. Cryptoacademy homework posts are being curated after 6 days 12 hours of age when process of depletion starts. In this way, upvotes received are of too less value. Almost all the reward is going to reward pool and author is receiving too little. It is condemnable act. This should be dressed in proper way. @steemitblog (steemit team) should look into this matter very seriously. Thanks.

An amazing move by the community. Bravo

SteemitCryptoAcademy -- Good idea, keep on the good work and get stronger.

We look forward to seeing all your homework posts when the Crypto Academy resumes in a couple of weeks.

Thank you

Hi, we are waiting anxiously for announcement regarding appointment of new Professors. I hope that homework posts work will resume in the next week. I have personally learned too many new things and I want to continue. Thanks @steemitblog.

Today is the birthday of the @steemcurator02 account and the rest of the curation accounts, I have dedicated a publication to them, I hope you like it, thanks for all your effort


I have some ideas for how we can really help STEEM grow. The gist of my ideas can be seen here:

Dear Steemit Team I am from GMT +5 and today we have 8th April, 2021

Thank You...!😊