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Hello dear sir, you have made wrong allegations. Please check my post again. I have made no plagiarism in this content. For my convience I have checked it through the plagiarism checker.


Please check this out again with attention before taking any action.
Moreover, the link which you have provided is also not showing any plagiarized content. So it is ahumble request to you to check once again.

Mentioning @levycore and @alphafx here. Please check this again.


 9 months ago 

Hi @steemlover63,

Here is the proof.


screenshot (77).png


screenshot (78).png

Original Source-

You have transcribed the text of this Youtube video and trying to portray it as your original content and even you are trying to defend your position.

Plagiarizing in the crypto academy and Steem Blockchain is a sordid affair and should be appropriately responded by the community.

Thank you.

Cc:- @steemcurator02

Cc:- @levycore @alphafx @kiwi-crypto @endingplagiarism @endplagiarism02 @starlord28

Thank you for sharing these screenshots here @sapwood. Really helped cut down my work.

Ok sir I should avoid such circumstances in the future. I did not know that I can even not use material from some video. Really appologize for that. I will try me best to improve my content quality and to avoid from such acts.

Thank you.

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