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RE: Steemit Crypto Academy | Course 3 By @stream4u | What is Chart Patterns? | Price Breakout - Continuation Patterns - Reversal Patterns | STOPLOSS | homework done by @davchi | 100% powered up |shared in Twitter.

Hi @davchi

Thank you for joining Steemit Crypto Academy and show your participation in the Homework Task 3.

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Good, explained very nicely. However, the images for examples are not looks as per the definition, but I can see you are taken them from Mobile and might be it is difficult to find correct chart on mobile.
All looks good. On computer, Laptops you will get a good view of charts.

Your Homework task 3 verification has been done by @Stream4u.

Thank You.
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Am grateful for your acceptance of my post, really it wasn't that so easy to compute using phone, although am planning for a system after my final year fisrt semest r exams, but am really happy that I was able to attain to your questions because it wasn't that so easy to do all the computations using phone as it took me two days to complete your task. Thanks Sir.

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