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Looking for more Professors


Greetings to everyone and to the [steemit] team (, My name is Alfredo Torrealba I am 33 years old, I am from Venezuela and I came to steemit looking for a programming tutorial, I have been on steemit a little more than 2 months, since I am on this platform I began to investigate everything about it like any new person, in a short time I was teaching people how it works and looking for new users.



As I mentioned before, I came to steemit looking for a programming tutorial, I was developing a commercial game and was fine-tuning details, until I came across a steemit publication, and since then I stayed in it, looking for more users who are mostly known and others not so much, the experience in steemit has been rewarding, many people have no idea of ​​the potential that this project can have. And seeing how it grows every day is the best thing that can happen.

I have more than 6 years of experience with cryptocurrencies, I was dedicated to trading one developed here in Venezuela called Bolivarcoin, all this happened before the crisis in my country grew more and more, to the point that I had to abandon my hobby that was buy and sell coins and work in the capital of the country, After the pandemic all jobs closed, nobody could leave their house and that is when I decided to develop my software, when steemit luckily entered and thanks to steemit I have returned to my hobby and It goes very well. It should be noted that this social network has been a great help to many people from various countries who are currently in crisis, that is why I am eternally grateful to this team and my best way to return their help is by searching for new users and teaching them.


Description of why you think you would be suitable to become a Steemit Crypto Professor

  • First of all I feel the need for Latin America to have a representative in this community as a teacher, I have seen countless tasks with low scores due to a bad translation, even my own tasks, it is true that if you want to participate in this community you must At least have basic knowledge of this language but I feel that it would be easier if Latin America has its representative who is aware of the language barrier.

  • I have dedicated myself to teaching new users and I know exactly what their doubts are, especially on the subject of cryptocurrencies, at this point I stop and ask myself a question. How do we massify the use of cryptocurrencies if we teach pure technical things? That is why my proposal of classes and tasks will be especially for people who do not have knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

  • I have the time necessary to review each of the tasks since I am at home 24 hours a day, I am a person who does not go out much, and if we think about it it is an advantage many teachers in the academy surely have an additional job and are They are absent for days that will not happen with me.

Cryptocurrency course from 0 to 100 in 5 weeks by @torrealba2719

As I mentioned before, this course will be specially created for people who do not have knowledge of both steemit and cryptocurrencies, in order to mass its use, I am aware that there is a community for new users to steemit but there are no classes anywhere, there are only tasks that are they solve and nobody explains anything to these users.


Week 1

  • What are cryptocurrencies?
    1 - What is a blockchain and how does it work.
    2 - What is a token and what are smart contracts
    3 - What is a genesis block
    4- Differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Week 2

  • What are markets?
    1- How to deposit in an exchange
    2- How the sales and purchase orders work
    3- How to invest in a cryptocurrency
    4- How to protect your earnings in a stable coin

Week 3

  • How is a coin mined?
    1- What is mining a cryptocurrency.
    2- Rewards and mining power.
    3- Mining in the cloud
    4- Profitability of mining crypto assets
    5- Mining equipment and performance.

Week 4

  • Current uses of cryptocurrencies.
    1- Government projects with cryptocurrencies
    2- Adaptation of cryptocurrencies as national currencies.
    3- Salaries in cryptocurrencies myth or near reality.
    4- Massification of cryptocurrencies, good or bad?

Week 5

  • Trading and more Trading
    1 - What is a currency in alsa
    2 - What is a currency in decline
    3 - What is a resistor
    4 - How to analyze new markets
    5 - What to do when a currency falls in price after an investment
    6- What to do when a coin rises in price after leaving the game.

Post regarding teaching

I will leave a series of posts from me, as from my students to whom I teach. I hope you like it, greetings.

Mayerlin Pariata Perfil

- Stable coin Tether -

Adrian Cabrera Perfil

- Proyecto de Lisk -

Edwar Torres Perfil

- Tipos de capital de activos criptográficos -


Alfredo Torrealba Perfil


Alfredo Torrealba Perfil

- Mining -

Alfredo Torrealba Perfil

- Dai -

I say goodbye to everyone, hoping that my proposal is pleasant, thank you for creating this space, I am eternally grateful and my students too.

Information is free, massification is a right

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Excelente eres un buen Profesor que me ha ayudado en todos mis avances que he tenido en esta gran plataforma, deseo seas seleccionado porque se que como a mí enseñarás a muchos con paciencia, constancia y perseverancia. Felicidades se que lo lograrás!!!

Gracias me alegro que te valla bien en steemit. y gracias por confiar en mí. ya que muchas personas llegan incredulas

Excelente profesor tendriamos nosotros los que tenemos menos tiempo y tambien para todo aquel que inicie en Steemit, explicas muy bien

Has aprendido, vez que ahora tú sola haces todo y sacas mejor nota que yo.

Exelente gracias a ti conocí steemit ojala seas seleccionado

Llevas tres meses ya, que tal la experiencia?

Felicidades espero que seas tomado en cuenta ya que con tu entrega has ayudado a mucho a transitar por el mundo de steemit..

gracias por tu apoyo. en poco tiempo ya te desenvuelves bien en la plataforma

Exelente mi pana, espero que seas seleccionado gracias a ti llegue a steemit

chamo estás flojo, sigue posteando. no abandones

Yo voto para que seas professor

gracias amigo mio

Excelent! You have taught me a lot about this platform already, i hope you are selected to continue learning, your course looks amazing, good post!

Espero poder ser seleccionado así enseñar más cosas básicas a las personas

Gracias a ti por enseñarme el mundo de steemit bien merecido tendrías este logro ya que sabes como capacitar a nuevas personas y un gran calidad humana.

Gracias tú siempre apoyándome. eso vale oro para mí.

Necesitamos profesores como tu, con ese nivel de enseñanza, el compromiso que tomas a la hora de explicar.

bienvenida a steemit. gracias por el apoyo

Mi voto es para que seas profesor de steemit

exelente , gracias por tu voto

Muy bien recomendado para profesor esperemos y te tomen en cuenta. Gran potencial

esperemos que sí. le he dedicado mucho tiempo a enseñar a muchas personas. hay que tener mucha paciencia jeje. saludos y gracias por el comentario

Espero seas seleccionado broth, mucha suerte... Exitos