Rubic - The Future of DeFi?

Rubic is a humble 50M market cap Meta Dex which aims to become the Amazon of crypto; allowing you to not only swap on any blockchain, but its token (called Rubic) functions as a transactional tax asset significantly lowering gas fees that ETH 2.0 is sluggish to address.

It has been raved about for months on 4chan's /biz/ board, which was notorious for predicting Chainlink's success. A majority of Rubic holders are Link OGs, so to speak, meaning that they are predicting the same success for Rubic's exchange...

But what does this mean exactly? How do we know this isn't another rugpull?

Well dear reader, this is where things get interesting.

Recently there has been a lot of FUD on the /biz/ board as whales have been silently suppressing the price for over a month.

The overzealous community of "Rubichads" have taken over this board eerily similar to what happened in early 2020 with the Link Marine craze, causing backlash from those who would advertise the age-old classic animal token pump-and-dumps.

At just over 4,512 members on their official telegram channel at the time of writing this article, it is clear that this is not a project being backed by simpleton day traders or hobbyists; there's some real buzz about Rubic.

Increasing speculation and rumors speak on a Huobi listing this month...

This is big because not only would this cause positive price action, but it would also enable Chinese buyers (who would otherwise be unable to trade on our networks) access to the same markets European / American traders enjoy.

Rubic has added BSC integration and the development team is set to release custom token swapping along with an upgraded UI that is powered by Cryptokek - an additional startup founded on /biz/ as an alternative to the outdated functionality of Dextools.

With this information in mind, I guestimate this coin to be valued around the ballpark of $50-100 by the end of 2022 due to the fact that this exchange is working to do something that has never been done before: a Meta Dex that works with well-standing services like Pancake Swap and Uniswap that automatically finds you better prices than Metamask while requiring no ID to sign up and maintains your privacy.

Rubic may be a slow mover, but it is a first mover as well when considering the ambition of the community; the determined, ever-expanding team actively taking feedback from users and hosting contests; and how Meme Culture can have massive implications towards growth in modern projects.

Rubic is a promising up-and-comer.

The development team has partnered with Matic on an L2 solution projected to be released around early Q3.

I hope this spoon-feed article encourages you to DYOR and assess the facts.


Leave a comment what you think! You can read Rubic's official whitepaper here.

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