Steemit Crypto Academy - Homework summary (Decentralized Finance - Part 2) – How to use a DeFi web3 wallet [Week5]

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I welcome you all back from such a practical and educative week-5 Crypto lecture and assignment. I congratulate everyone who was able to accomplish and submit their homework in time. It’s just been yet another very busy week of learning and exploring new things in the DeFi world. The number of participants and homework submissions just kept on increasing every other day.

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General thoughts

For this week, a total of 138 homework posts were submitted and as your Crypto professor, I did my job and I can confidently say that I managed to review all your articles in order to keep all my students motivated all through this learning process. If I haven’t reviewed your week-5 homework article, kindly drop a link to it on this homework summary article and I will attend to it as soon as possible.

The good news is that last week, I did not register any cases of plagiarism in my homework task. Hopefully, because the homework task was more of a practical one; or the Crypto students have now become good Steemit citizens who have chosen to work ethically for the good of steem.

The given homework task was about creating a tutorial guide on how to use any one of the highlighted web3 DeFi wallets(Myether wallet, Meta Mask, Argent wallet, Coinbase Wallet). The first sample of homework task posts I received, I realized that most of the Crypto students were just talking about how to download the wallet application and creating/opening up an account.

Its one thing to create an account, but it’s also another thing to know how to use that wallet account application, therefore, it was not enough to just create an account. I expected every student to go further than that, by exploring the various features of the wallet application as they educate themselves about every basic feature that’s within their wallet application for a better experience.

The key features and aspects I was looking out for were; sending and Receiving tokens, how to deposit (buy) and withdraw tokens, how to add custom tokens, how to Swap tokens, how to link up your wallet to the DeFi platforms etc. You were meant to explain and demonstrate your work with well edited screenshots.

Some of the crypto students did exceptional work and these are my top 3 selected articles that really deserve an extra reward.

AuthorPost Link
@imagenHow to use the Meta Mask wallet
@haneunHow to use Myether Wallet
@beckie96830How to use the Coinbase wallet

How to improve on the quality of your articles;

Eliminate the grammar errors in your articles by using Grammarly.

Use the word counter to calculate/weigh up the number of words used in your article to see to it that you produce a much better article with enough content ranging between 300words – 1000words.

Ensure to do enough research work on what is required of you in the homework task. Absorb (seek to understand) the information in your research, so that you can be able to creatively answer the homework task clearly in your own understanding and writing style. Remember, originality is key, and that’s part of what will fetch you higher rewards.

Use a smallseotools plagiarism checker to self-check your content to ensure that it’s free from plagiarism. Remember you have a blogging reputation to build which you also need to safe guard, therefore, you have got to keep your content in proper check.

Ensure to keep your content more focused on the main subject of the homework task so that you make it easier to review. Being precise and clear about the subject makes me think that this person really did the research and certainly well informed of what he is talking about.

Always format your articles by breaking down any huge paragraphs of your article into smaller readable ones. The maximum line of words in any of your paragraphs should be around 8. Anything beyond that, kindly create another paragraph for it and in so doing you will make your work more organized and appealing to the reader. You can also learn and apply some markdown styling formats in your article.

Make some unique graphics for your content. You can use powerpoint,, illustrator, etc to design for yourself some original images and infographics. By doing so, you will have made your article more appealing to the readers.

Here is a recap on the rules and guidelines for week – 6 homework task on Stable coins.

  • Post all your homework articles in the Steemit Crypto Academy community.
  • Only steemitexclusive homework articles will be curated.
  • Use an exclusive tag #yohan2on-week6 as one of the first 5 tags in your articles. You can as well tag me @yohan2on, so that I can easily find your article.
  • Fully reference clearly, any borrowed content from other sources.
  • Use copy-right free images and showcase their source.
  • Plagiarism and spinning of users’ articles will not be tolerated.
  • Your homework article content should range between 300 – 1000words.
  • The homework task runs till 21/03/2021

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Waoooh. What a technical teachings. Thanks for sharing

Good day Sir. My post was not curated after graded 9 in week5. What should i do sir?

Hello sir. Can I translate this post into urdu which is the. National Language of Pakistan and half of India it will be really easy for those people whom have problem with understanding English I saw many people Translating the poster into Spanish so I thought if you are love me I can translate it into Urdu thank you so much

Goodday Sir, pls my last week's homework task was not curated, pls what might be the reason? This is my entry:

Good day professor @yohan2on my work expires in 2 days and I still haven't been curated, I do not know if U have reviewed it. Below is the link:


Thanks for your anticipated positive reply

Good day prof, thanks for the ongoing lecture and its summary. My homework task for week 5 has not been curated. Kindly see the link below.


This is called "Teaching". Another thing is that when we are asked to write in our own words, in my case I go into shock for not having the technical vocabulary, but it is good, because I am forced to nurture more knowledge to be at the height. Let's move forward professor, greetings! Yesterday I handed in my homework for week 6 . Greetings and Blessings.

Good day Professor @yohan2on. I kindly want to remind you that you've not evaluated my work. Here's the link

I have just finished my first ever article after coming back to steemit, and it's about your homework! Do check it out kind sir. Here's the link:

Hello Professor @yohan2on . Here is my original post for homework week 5.

I don't know why @steemcurator02 un-vote my post today. Please tell me why? 🙏🙏🙏
If @steemcurator02 have a mistake, I hope you can add again my post in your curation list sir @yohan2on.

Thank you very much.

Professor, I want to ask you, why @steemcurator02 undoed the vote that it gave me for the homeword 5 that I did last week? I mean in this homework . Crypto Academy Week 5 Homework Post for [@yohan2on]: Understanding Decentralized Finance (DeFi) (Part 2) - Explicando cómo usar My EtherWallet
+Thank you very much for your attention. Regards!

Whose account is @zheyeng? It's been discovered that you and that account posted similar content on week 5's homework task.

There must be some confusion and I don't know which account you are referring to. You should know that all my contents are totally original, created by me; I do not steal or plagiarize anyone's content; I can read and be inspired by dozens of content, but I never copy anyone; neither here in Steemit, nor anywhere, because I am a blogger with extensive data, experience and culture; I have been writing content on the internet for over 8 years for different sites. But I see where the problem finally came from.

Another thing to add is that I have known and used MyEtherWallet for many years and have enough knowledge to talk about said platform; so I didn't even need to be inspired by anyone to make my post. Now, if some (or many) of the posts that subscribed you for week 5 look a bit alike, it is because is the same platform; the record is always the same and the screenshots will always be similar as well.

Ultimately, it's a shame that you're imposing penalties on someone without actually verifying the issue with the person in question, or without bothering to see that that person (I mean, me )has always strived to produce quality content. You do not verify if that other person copied me, or if it is a coincidence that the contents are similar, you simply made a later decision based in a false (or first) impression.

My apologies for the inconvenience. See you later!

Post-data: Even if I wanted to earn money writing from multiple accounts (that I don't), do you think I would be so stupid such to paste the same content o similar content over and over again? I just own this account and I hardly have time to attend to it, due to my trading activities! And if I can't attend my account or write posts from some of the teachers a week (as always happen to me mostly of time), well, I don't; but I do not copy anyone!
See you!

Sorry sir @yohan2on. I am really disappointed for this case. I have spent a lot of time to write the post. My post is original and I write the post use my own word. You can check word by word in the post and I also use original pictures. I think there are mistake for this case. I don't know why case like this happen to me. Please review my post with carefuly and make a good decision for that. Thank you sir 🙏🙏🙏