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Today we are going to start the challenge of Heart bloggers, hoping that it will be a pleasant experience for all, we can interact as a community and encourage the participation of members.


I want to make a call to all those who wish to participate, to do so from community responsibility, only then can we grow as individuals and also as a team. A community is made up of people who carry out joint activities for a common goal. It must be linked to the community vision.

The main idea is to strengthen community values ​​through the creativity of the members who leave messages of edification for both Heartchurch and the world.

We know that in this time for many people, these platforms and communities based on blockchain have been a great blessing, for this we must continue to give the best of each one. We are in the day of making the best content, it will be a pleasure to read all under the conditions described above.

Heart Contest

Success for everyone and thank you for being a part of HeartCHurch.


Good luck to all, Thank you @Darlenys, for bringing us this contest of good ideas, many good writers we can find gathered within this fabulous community. It would be great to see your participation ✍☺

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Parishioners, it’s time! Let’s how our vision @heartchurch is burning in our hearts 💕 Hearts has answers to many questions bothering humanity. It’ll be a great pleasure for parishioners to demonstrate this.

Thanks Apostle D. for bringing us this close and for taking us this far. Remember, the future is bright because Christ got us covered. I pray for more wisdom and God’s protection for you and for the flock.


Thank you for this great opportunity. God bless you all.

It is a very nice opportunity for us all

Important initiative. I will be informing the Cantaura brothers for their participation. Blessings

Great one. This will go a long way to Motu many steemians expectialy newbies.
Thanks for your good doings

God bless you for burning desire to raise a people, the community. God children. Let no one settle for Less.
Blessings to you dear Apostle.

Good luck to us all

Hola @darlenys01 yo no soy miembro de esta comunidad pero me encanta. Y espero que mis post contribuyan con la visión que ustedes tengan como comunidad. Soy de Venezuela y cuando me entere que esta comunidad existía me suscribi. Dios les bendiga.