# Look Down On No One

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He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his maker,But he that honoureth him had mercy on the poor.
Kjv: proverbs 14:31.
##Looking Down On People Is A Sin
Whenever you look down on a man you are indirectly looking down on God.God is so in love with mankind that he said whatever you do to them have ye done to me.kjv maths 25:40

Reasons Not To Look Down On People

We must be very careful because we cannot simply tell who a person is from their looks.
Imagine,David looks like a normal teenage but inside him was a giant killer, Goliath paid with his life for looking down on David .
You see inside some prisoners today are president tomorrow and Joseph in the Bible is a classic example.
Never forget that, the begger on ur street can be of help to you tomorrow, the poor people living beside could provide information that can save you from an in pending trouble when no one else could.

How Christians Look Down On People

Many Christians feel so so holy that they don't want to relate with unbelievers.yes the Bible says we should not be unequally yoke with them, but we are not call to be hostile to them either (Luke 6:35)

How God Sees Us
God sees us beyond our physical appearance to our potentials,so as children of God we should not only focus on people's physical appearance.


God called us to love because he loves us first,He didn't call us to hate others, never forget that God hate a proud look.
Never look down on any one because we are all created by one creator to fulfill different purposes in life.

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