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Reading passage:- Genesis 39:5.

6.And he left all that he had in Joseph's hand; and he knew not ought he had, save the bread which he did eat. And Joseph was a goodly person, and well favoured.

From the passage above we can see that Joseph was a good person, I would say he was trust Worthy, apart from that God was with him that was why his master handed everything to him.
Portiphar was only concern about what he will eat, as for the rest of the things were concern, he was sure that Joseph was capable of taking good care of them.

Ask your self what endeared Portiphar to Joseph, the answer is his character.
There were other servants before Joseph, perhaps he never stole from the master, he never cheated on the master, he never treated the master with contempt and disregard, he regarded, honoured and respected him.
And unknowingly to Joseph his master was observing.
What character do we portray at our different place of work thinking after all our bosses isn't around forgetting that God is up there watching us and the time of harvest will soon come where you will harvest or reap what you sowed weather good or bad.

It was so easy for Joseph to have all this character because he carried God inside of him.

Again ask your self do I have Jesus in my life?
If you don't have Christ in you, you tend to struggle to let go bad characters.
Accept Jesus today and be free from bad addiction and character.

Let's look at the story below:-

Once I heard the story of a young man who went to an airport to board a flight. While entering the aircraft, he saw an old man who was struggling with his luggage and opted to assist the men carry the luggage.

The old man was amazed that there were still such humble young men in our world. While they were conversing, the young man mentioned a company in Lagos, Nigeria, as one of his clients that he made supplies to. Unknown to him, the old man's son was the Managing Director (MD) of that company. The company owed him some money in millions of Naira. After their conversation, the old mam gave him his complimentary card.

When the young man met with the MD of the company, he showed him the complimentary card. The MD was excited that the young man met his father. Immediately, his money was released and more business opportunities were given to him, all on frequency of good character.

Beloved, one of the greatest determinants of a person's destiny is character. There is a character that diminishes opportunities.
Beloved let us always learn to uphold a good character.

Nugget:- If you do not like the current level of opportunities and access you have, check who you are.


Hope ,in expectations that God is NEVER late will definitely assure our fulfilment of Destiny sweatlessly!