Devotion Today: Standing Guiltless

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Hebrews 10:17 And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.


The Almighty God has the supernatural ability to forget what He chooses to forget.
Today, the Holy Ghost adminonishes us on God's decision to forget our past sins, as we step into oneness with Christ.

It's significant because God had the plan of redemption for man, thus He created an event that is greater than the fall of man, in order to replace His memory of man's sin with that event.

That event is Christ's finished work on the cross. It's the memory of Christ hanging on the cross and God turning His face away from Him because of the sins of humanity on Him, that wipes away the memory of sins of those that believe from God's heart.

When the Lord sees the blood and the sufferings on the cross, the redeemed is seen as righteous in Christ.

Thus, one can only be holy in Christ, for without the blood there's no remission of sin.

What is that past mistake or sin or wickedness or atrocity you committed, that plagues your conscience?
Jesus can deliver you if you can just go to Him just the way you are.

There's forgiveness in Christ, irrespective of your past wrongdoings. Guilts are destroyed in Christ and justification is assured.

Your sins shall be forgotten by God the moment you accept Christ.

Let's pray together.
Heavenly Father, thank you for forgiving us and giving us eternal redemption in Christ. Please deliver us from memories of the past that deprives us from the joy of our salvation. Help us to stand boldly and guiltless in Jesus name. Amen.


Your devotional is so encouraging and well recommended for the dying world outside Christ . It is therefore a recommended MUST READ hence I am RESTEEMING it to all my followers!

Thank you very much, beloved.
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