Thank you Jesus for 2020

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Hello steemians,
Happy new week,

Today is the last Monday in the year 2020, it is not by our making but God's, we wouldn't have make it this far but God kept us and saw us through it, I just want to say thank you Jesus for is been you all along.

The year 2020, hasn't been a year of admiration for me due to the pandemic outbreak and the protest that took place in my country Nigeria and all over the world. Many people died in the process while some lost their family members in the process, it's been a year of pains and sorrows to some and to some is been a hard year due to the fact that they lack what to eat and where to lay down, some lack shelter and clothing.

Even if I have ten thousand tongues it still would be enough to thank God for this year 2020, the Lord has been so faithful and grateful for me and I just want to say thank you Jesus.

For the life of my parents, Jesus I say thank you, for the life of all the steemians, I say thank you, for the life of all the steemchurch members I say thank you Jesus, for my life faithful God I'm grateful, my miracle walker thank you for doing a miracle for me and my siblings. Thank you Jesus. I'm grateful Lord.

Jesus yo are a faithful God, and I am proud I have you as my father and friend thank you Jesus for everything that you have done. Thank you Jesus.

In 2021 you will make it a great and miraculous year for us. Thank you Jesus .



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