When the storm is over.

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I still remember those days two years ago, for the first time I was not being affected by the economic crisis that has existed in my country, I was working for one of the most important energy companies in the world (CHEVRON), I had my family with me (my wife and daughter) and although I was far away from my mother and brothers I could send them money from my salary and it was also a help for them.

Everything was very nice and almost perfect, although we always have something to complain about and in my case it was the heat of that city I was in, but they were very minor things, everything was taking course, I was enjoying with my family, we had found a place to congregate, we were finishing building the house and I even had enough money to invest in steemit (which I did without hesitation), that labor contract should be extended for the next 5 years, until 2024 maybe, that time with that salary was definitely going to solve many problems, but the sky began to emit signals.

Photo of the sky a little over two years ago, captured by me.

I had once seen a rainbow surrounding the sun, but that was very pronounced and repeated for 3 days in a row, there were even triple rainbows surrounding the sun and separate arcs in different parts of the sky, definitely something was not right, were the signs that a storm was approaching, to see that I speak the truth I leave the link to an article two years ago in which I published photos of that event here.

This was not a storm of water, wind and lightning, the almost perfect life I was leading was about to be put in the oven (like many in the world), suddenly CHEVRON's license to operate in Venezuela expired and the renewal by Trump came very conditional product of US sanctions against Venezuela, oil prices fell so low that it was producing at a loss (more money was spent to produce than was obtained in the sale) and to complete the team came the quarantine product of COVID19.

As expected, we were informed that the contract had been frozen and therefore we were fired. I was now away from home without a source of income and paying money to even breathe (no exaggeration, well not much). Somehow God allowed my former boss to arrange transportation that could bring us home, so I got to live that two day road adventure with my 1 year old daughter and my wife.

Photo of the return home a little more than a few years ago, captured by me.

We arrived home but the worst was yet to come, I immediately focused on finishing building my house and invested a lot of my savings in it, everything was going well (despite the above because the material is not so important to me). One day without warning my father-in-law died of a heart attack, 3 months later without warning my brother-in-law died of a heart attack. We were in the center of the storm, with strong winds and an emotional instability too strong, so many evils in a row, I had only seen this privilege in Job.

When you read the passage in which the disciples were facing a storm at sea you notice that Jesus was with them in the boat, although He did nothing at first (because He was apparently asleep), but after they cried out to Him He awoke and dissipated the storm.

In the end my wife and I were able to understand that we could not continue in that distant city, so God did what He had to do so that we could be with my mother-in-law in those hard times that were to come.

And those hard times have served to awaken us more spiritually, so now we are doing things for God that we didn't use to do often before.

Today I can feel that Jesus has awakened to dissipate the storm, the bad has passed and the good is coming. So if you see a storm just hold on because after it there is always calm, the night does not last forever, no matter how dark it is the sun will always come out.

My mother-in-law's birthday a few months ago, source: myself.

Grateful to God for allowing me to be part of HEARTCHURCH, a community with a divine purpose, for having allowed me to get to steemit and for all those great friends that I have met on this platform.

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