Identify Yourself

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identify yourself One day I was returning home and I could see in the middle of the street people with clothes and flags, they came from a soccer game, they sang and shouted encouraging their team without feeling any kind of shame, their soccer preference was easily identified.


As a result of this, something came to my mind, and I began to analyze if we really are easily recognizable, what is our identity, does it really show us that we are a viewpoint of Jesus, that we confess God as our Father and Savior? Do we notice that we carry the word of God stored in our hearts? It should become normal for us from time to time to ask ourselves who we really are, what we are doing, where we belong.
By obviating this, many people live a double life, they become distorted, because they do not have an identity, many in the week commit all kinds of madness and on Sundays you see them elegantly dressed in churches.

At present there is an identity crisis, we know that sin distances us from God, but it is this search for Him who returns us to the path. It is time for you to be honest with yourself, doing this analysis can make you put your feet on the ground, It is something quite deep although it may not seem like it, Being identifiable has to do with your heart, with the fear of the Lord.

Perhaps that is precisely now the fight of your life. And what more flattering than to be recognized through your actions as a follower of Christ. Then you would be like a Joseph or a Daniel at this time.

God has precisely made you born at this time. He sees you, he knows your struggle, he also wants to teach you His ways. Paul says, "Because I am not ashamed of the Gospel" (Romans 1:16). He was not at all ashamed of the Gospel message. He wanted to be recognized for following Jesus.

He backed down from nothing or anyone when it came to the Gospel message. At the Areopagus in Athens before Greek thinkers he openly expounded the truth of the Gospel.

In Rome, a city of bread and games, he was also not ashamed of the Gospel message. Not when Jews and Greeks found the Gospel absurd and ridiculous.

Paul was not ashamed of that. But what makes Paul so bold, so brave? Where does he get that courage to be fully recognized in a hostile environment as a son and servant of God? Very simply, Paul says what the mystery is: “Because I am not ashamed of the Gospel (of Christ); because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes."

Paul does not indicate his own strength. He points to the power of God in the Gospel. And just as those soccer fans were recognized because they had been in their team's game, likewise all those who have been with King Jesus will be recognized.

How do I get recognized as a follower of Jesus? Where do I get the courage to go against the grain? The Bible gives you a fantastic answer. It is only possible if you have been born again and by faith you really belong to Jesus. It is about a true knowledge and love of God.

He does not ask us to go into a convent or to go live on a lonely island. A Christian is in the middle of the world. Not as a worldly man, but as a foreigner. True identification as a Christian comes from within. So the exterior is the mirror of the interior.


It's true..just as we feel no shame in exposing our preferences in this world, it should be the same with our journey with God...we should talk about God to others with no shame or shyness

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