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God is holy. He dwells in a holy place and demands that every believer in Christ should practice holiness, however, he hates the practice of holiness without love, respect and compassion for others.


Holiness is not on the basics of our religious titles or activities, but the change of life coupled with the deeds of kindness.

Hospitality to your neighbors:

Who is a neighbor? Neighbors are not only those who live with you in the same house or attend the same church with you, anyone, regardless of the tribe or religion, who needs your help, is your neighbor (Galatians 6:10). To such a person you should show your holy character with true Christian love.

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what are the reasons of our condemnation from God?
Strict adherence to the letters of the law would lead to destruction (2 Corinthians 3:6).it would lead to our own destruction and the destruction of those we have neglected to help as a result of ignorance or zeal for tradition,

we may receive great condemnation for our faithfulness to tradition but God would not commend us for the neglect of the deeds of kindness to our neighbors.

Some practical ways of helping others who are in need:

It include showing love and compassion to others, preaching the gospel to sinners, helping the sick, sharing our substance with those who are in need, visiting the new converts, however those who are not saved will only be commended in this world not in eternity for doing this services.

God wants all Christians to live a life that is above reproach, a life that no unbeliever can fault, my prayer is for God to mercy on us and also give us grace to stand tall in this last and evil days.