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To show that our Father is in charge for the undertakings of this world, it very well might be important for children of God to take part in some spiritual fireworks that would lead to a spectacle. To exhibit His matchless quality over Satan before the world world, our Lord Jesus Christ made a public display of Satan while He was on the earth.

He cast devils out with just a word, He commanded the evil spirits and they obeyed Him, and to crown everything up, He made their lord, Satan, fall as lighting from heaven. To show that His prevalence over Satan was not an accident, He likewise empowered His disciples to make a display of the kingdom of darkness, which they did.

In addition to the fact that Jesus make a spectacle of Satan in this world, He went to the realm of the kingdom of darkness after He died on the cross, and boy, were there fireworks!

Hallelujah! Our Lord victoriously made an open demonstration of Satan and his associates in the spirit domain to show that He reigns supreme in both the physical and spiritual world. To show the superiority of our God, we likewise have been ordered to make a spectacle of the realm of darkness and their works, just as our Lord Jesus did

Elijah was a prophet of God who partaked with an spiritual spectacle that shamed the kingdom of darkness on Mount Carmel. Elijah had allowed the prophets of Baal the opportunity to showcase the power of Baal, whom they professed to be supreme. In spite of the fact that they prayed to Baal from morning till evening, nothing happened.

It was an intriguing presentation which finished in all spectators confessing the lordship of the God of Elijah. After disgrace Satan and making a display of him, our Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 10:19 invigorated us with all that we need to triumphantly put up a spiritual scene like Elijah did.

With this mandate, rather than Satan making a joke of us, the opposite ought to be the situation. In your issues today, utilize your God-given authority to put Satan down and magnify our God.

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