Big things start small

in HeartChurch3 months ago


Today we experience a daily reality such that glorifies things of extraordinary extents, with an exceptional fascination of gigantic projects.

Anything that isn't huge, immense, tremendous or colossal doesn't appear to grab the attention of the current generation.

In the basic speech of the 21st century, things that turn individuals' head usually start with "mega", like mega corporations, megastores, megacities, mega churches, etc.

Since society is so fixated on everything mega, little thing have gotten ugly and insignificant to a many people.

People these days scorn the times of little beginnings and ridicule little things. However, as individuals of God's kingdom, our way of life is unique.

Each incredible work of God usually begins little, starting at times just as a dream in the mind of a faithful servant of God.

In this sense, the mustard seed is a perfect illustration of a little start.

A mustard seed is a little, estimating heavenly around 1 or 2 millimeters, when it is planted, it develops into a tree of around 3 meters high. This is a 3000% expanding in size!

In God's dealing with man, there have been such countless accounts of little beginnings getting great. Usually, in the times of little things, critics are various, releasing horrible judgment without reservation.

The heaven delegated builder is commonly labeled a dreamer and made to confront ridicule and mockery. Commonly, the voice of critics will ring through more than once, saying that the dream being sought after isn't achievable.

Be mindful so as not to focus on their words in light of the fact that there is no truth in them. Their goal is to cause debilitation and cause you to lose focus.

Despite such skeptical verbal attacks and threats, Zerubbabel zealously proceeded with the work and rebuilding God's temple in Jerusalem.

Be guaranteed that the glorious completion of your task will humiliate each one of the individuals who disdained its little start. Simply be faithful in the little that God has submitted into your hands.

Try not to disdain the times of little beginnings. In the event that you are holy, persistent, prayerful and focussed, the Lord will crown every one of your endeavors with resounding success and make your latter to increase incalculable, according by His promise.