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The Almighty God made the sun the significant source of light and heat for the earth. He likewise delegated the sun as one of the things that tell the time and direction.

A new day starts with the rising of the sun in the south, and its setting shows the day's end. Have you observed the effect that the sun has on people's general state of mind? Some people seem to be a more active and sunny day. The sun also serves the important role of supporting life on earth by stimulating plants and other organisms to produce food.

However favorable as the sun may be to humankind, God also utilizes it as a weapon against wrongdoers and to correct His own rebellion children (Rev 16:8-9)

When you understand the significance of the sun to humanity, you will then, at that point, start to appreciate and better fathom what the Holy Spirit declares to you in Isaiah 60:20

Satan knows the significance of light and is very acquainted with darkness. This is the reason why he attacks people by quenching their light and tossing them into absolute darkness.

If you are experiencing darkness in any form, I am glad to declare to you that Jesus has the ability to turn your night to day. Darkness may stay for a night, but be certain that the Sun of Righteousness will ascend over your life at the beginning of the day.

Despite the fact that Satan may have prevailed with regards to turning off your light by whatever means, our Lord Jesus Christ can make your sun rise again by the power of His Word, and He has sent His word to you today.

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