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God has loved us with an eternal love that planned one of the best plans in life for us and has designed the way and the way to conduct ourselves, elaborating the best values ​​in his word so that we can put it into practice and love life fully through joy and hope


The Bible contains everything that people need to conduct themselves in this life and those who treasure it to put it into practice are wise because the values ​​promoted by the Bible really reflect the great love that our Creator has for us, since they allow us to walk "in the best way

Isaiah 48:17
17 Thus says the lord your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: I am the lord your God, who teaches you profitably, who guides you in the way you should follow.

God teaches us the way we should walk, he teaches parents the path they should take to raise their children, he establishes a guide of values ​​in his word so that we can keep it because we are currently experiencing a crisis of values ​​where society generally experiences chaos and a constant uncertainty.

This world needs to break with that series of norms and laws imposed by society and set its gaze on God, this world really needs to rebuild those lost values ​​and meet God.

People need to value themselves, they need to have an encounter with God, they need to love life and love its creator, people urgently need to practice values ​​that raise their standard of living, and for this they need God, since without God it is impossible for people to change people do not change nor will society change

In the Bible we will find all the values ​​that God wants and that it is urgent that we get to practice to raise our standard of living, search the word of God and you will realize that there you will find everything you are looking for so that your life is worthwhile and make sense. God's purposes are infinite for your life.


Wonderful message you taught here. I am RESTEEMING to enable higher visibility!

Thanks for Permission!

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