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1 Kings 5:17
Then the king commanded, and they quarried great stones, costly stones, to lay the foundation of the house with cut stones.

The stability of anything in the world depends strongly on the investment one has made from the start. This is connected to building a house. How strong the ground on which you are building reflects on how strong the building will be and how deep your foundation is also affects the strength of the building. A man builds his house not with the intention of pulling it down sometime to come but rather leave it for his offsprings even there after his death. So houses ought to be built to withstand tough and harsh weather conditions.

A house built with a very weak material at the foundation level may be rejected by the offsprings because it has then become a death trap instead of a valuable property. Imagine living in a house that has a very shallow foundation and once a while there is a bit of turmoil and shaking. I doubt i will personally stay in the house for a day or two. I will run for a better shelter so that by chance i will not fall prey to death.

King Solomon knew this and instructed his artisans to use the precious stones, hard and of high value to build the foundation the Lords house. He knew he can't build anything less for the Lord. He knew kings will come and go but the Lord's house must always stand strong.

The responsibility of the Parent/Guardian/Shepherd is to feed the upcoming child with every good knowledge no matter how costly it maybe. The Parent/Shepherd sometimes go beyond his capability to involve others in order to set the foundation right. Why?


My points above explains it. What do you think about why the foundation of Christian is of ultimate importance?



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