Lord please give me that old time religion

in HeartChurch24 days ago

Bring back that old time religion. I need that old time religion experience that time when choirs will sing and after the ministration every buddies will bust into tears crying because they understood the lyrics of the song and it struck very deep into your heart piercing and approving every tendencies of wickedness and develop and breaking their conscience just by The Choir ministration. But today it is a very different case people cloth shower and yell after choir ministration Lord this is not my desire. it is my desire that you bring me back to that old time religion that experience weird people attached where hearts are cracked and fears and arrested even the heart that we hadn't was in. Lord please take me back to that experience weird Hot Wheels the shutter will be broken in submission and in acknowledgement of the word of god lord please take me back to that experience that experience of the old time religion is all I need and tired of this modern world. but lord if it is your Desire please bring back that fire bring back that pushes bring back that desire this is all I pray for and I know that you will Grant my desires and request thank you father lord I love you blessed your Holy name.

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