Booming04 Analysis

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You can stop refreshing that screen now, here's booming04.

We're starting to get the picture now aren't we? So is booming04 corrupt too? Well, the name ranking number 1 has a familiar air to it as do many of the names on this list.

It's important to reiterate that some, if not many on this list will have been caught in the crossfire, others are obviously fraudulent.

Well it paints one hell of a picture doesn't it?? All 4 booming accounts, supporting the same fraudsters (as well as each individual booming account potentially having their own little side action).

I don't know how I feel about this. I created this account to stop $2 plagiarists but I've discovered a level of fraud that the NCA would be proud of.

The lack of governance with millions of steem power in the hands of fraudsters... is... I simply don't know. Irresponsible?

I'm going to step away from Steemit for a while now. This genuinely saddens me beyond words.


RankUserTransfer toBittrex Add.huobi-pro Add.
2y0gideepcrypto8 (binance) 104975808--
3solidenlcryptorhino11, anon2020, jefffeng, mahdisarlak--
4ghostfacer99deepcrypto8 (binance) 103149449--
6sheik1990jefffeng, mahdisarlak, cryptorhino11, carelwolfaardt--
7flourdowncryptorhino11, mahdisarlak--
8akkibadboydeepcrypto8 (binance) 102605586--
12marcojdmahdisarlak, cryptorhino11--
13crypto.news123mxcsteem (100307)--
14louislau123cryptorhino11, mahdisarlak--
15softviewcryptorhino11, jefffeng, anon2020--
17robylscryptorhino11, mahdisarlak, jefffeng, anon2020, carelwolfaardt--
18amjadsharifdeepcrypto8 (binance) 104490557--
21cocolovejefffeng, mahdisarlak--
22mkhandianon2020, cryptorhino11, mahdisarlak--
23azamraipoloniex (ec68bf9b89d4a578)--
24zillion1988mahdisarlak, anon2020--



How do you say me and @lingkar-photo is a post that is doing plagiarism. Even though I and Lingkar-Photo are different people. If you want proof, please compare my post and Lingkar-Photo, our language is different, and the Introduction post we made earlier in the first post. There is one important question for you, sir. Is it despicable to help a friend sell Sbd / Steem coins? Is that forbidden?

If you look at the cheating committed by the Steemians, it could be that almost everyone is also cheating in terms of helping to sell Sbd / Steem by people who know each other, or their friends.

In my country, Aceh, not many Indonesians understand about steem blockchain, so there must be important lessons for all steemians in various countries. This is very important to talk about in terms of realizing good intelligence for all circles.

If you accuse the Lingkar-Photo account of cheating or plagiarizing. I can also prove through a "Video Call" with you to prove that I and Circle-photo are different people. Do you understand?

Thank you for your attention. We wish you success in your work!

By @new-spirit.

Thank you my friend @new-spirit for this statement, because there is something right and also a different reel, hopefully he who has accused me of cheating will see another good side and hopefully the work done will be successful with his job. greeting steemian lovers

@new-spirit, @lingkar-photo

Understood and I apologise for any distress this has caused you - The article has been updated to remove any implication within the link suggested.

There is no accusation here to either party, unfortunately there has been fraudulent activity within some booming accounts so all transactions were highlighted.

As noted above:

It's important to reiterate that some, if not many on this list will have been caught in the crossfire, others are obviously fraudulent.

Unfortunately, this was you and I can only apologise for this.

I really appreciate your work on exposing the elements of plagiarism taking place at Steemian. I support your work, sir. If you misunderstand the @lingkar-photo account and me, then I will forgive you and this is a small thing that cannot be enlarged. I really understand it. Especially in your work exposing cheating on Steemit. I also want Steemit to be more careful and continue to build the Steemit Platform to be more independent and honest in its actions. Because I see a lot of it in my country, Aceh, Indonesia, beginners at Steemit are also neglected and no one has yet developed knowledge about steem blockchain as a whole. There were only a handful of senior Steemians who cared about newcomers. Steemit must further develop and advance the human economy on this earth.

My greetings to you, sir. By @new-spirit.

Irresponsible? Or calculated?

This genuinely saddens me beyond words.

I am more than sick right now!
A beautiful illusion breaks...

Thank you for your work and your courage!

this is soooooooo sad

Very nice post.