Introducing @endingplagiarism

in Mosquito Squisherslast month (edited)

Hello Steemit Community of Mosquito Squishers,

Just as spammers and plagiarists are the mosquitos of Steemit, @endingplagiarism is the wasp at the plagiarists BBQ.

@the-gorilla has hired me to annihilate all plagiarists in a kind and friendly manner.

I am much more professional than @the-gorilla who I feel had a tendancy to take things a bit too personally and was quickly pissed off.

I will continue the much admired 4 stage process and am taking things to the next level with the introduction of some highly impressive banners created in Photoshop. The temptation to add flames was resisted although I would like to share the stage 3 banner with flames at the end of this post.

Edit: The stage 3 flames banner could not be resisted and will be used for stage 4.

I look forward to acquiring @the-gorilla's friends and enemies.

Something tells me cryptocheta hasn't really come across somebody like me before.

Stage 1 - Warning


Stage 2 - Final Warning


Stage 3 - A Stronger Message


Stage 4 - The Strongest Message Possible

Flames added here


Nice love the flames 🔥🔥🔥

Now I just need some reputation and power!!!

Woah!! Love the banners.

thank you for coming into steemit. wish you can do the task effeciently. wish you all the best


Congrats! Good job! There are a lot of mercies stages there before complete annihilations which is good..

From my experience, the stages reflect the slow learning process that I've encountered so far. I like that stage 4 can be repeated over, and over, and over, and over again.

I like the banners. This is surely going to safeguard our steem blockchain from the mosquitoes 🦟🦟

A good way to go. Fish them out and send them packing!

You are a genius and this block chain must move to the next level.
Your effort is not in vain and I pray for more grace to keep up with this good work.

This is a very great thing, @endingplagiarism. 19 days ago I have written an open letter post regarding the matter here >>, but there was no response, either from the Steemit admin or the witness I mentioned their name.

It would be even better if you opened the discord channel or email channel because not everyone dares to report the fraudulent practices they see.

Thank you for your support.

A DM facility is available via Discord highlighted in this post

I am currently one man but am slowly gaining increasing support from the community. The problem with plagiarism and fraudulent activity is vast and the threats ongoing but I believe that together, we can beat this.