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RE: Day 1 Bust | Massive Botnet Detected | Voting Bot Abuse | $32,000 Pending rewards

About my case: Yes @endingplagiarism I have been using pictures that aren't mine. But please I want to explain: I'm a photographer But in my country Venezuela it's very difficult to people respect and less pay for our craft, specially since the pandemic, I register on steemit on 2018 but I started to used on February / March of this year. And not only find a place where to work safely also bring together my family, we all are struggling my incomes on Steem decrease after Bitcoin drops and I didn't understand much about criptocurrencies, last night my uncle lost his bsttle against covid after a lot of time fighting. On this moment of stress and chaos in the world I can't take take any risk of get out and take pictures. So when Mr @axeman approached me I was destroyed and really stress about my personal situation and didn't act like a mature adult person. I was reckless and my responses weren't kind and I'm so sorry for that. I tried to write him but he muted me and also made me mute of of @Model-Agency and @steembangladesh wich is a shame and painful but I deserve it. I don't have the resources to create the spectacular pictures and paintings the usual winner can. So I try to put up my game. At the end.. It was neccesary for me to go through all this shame, all this pain? Maybe yes, in order to learn. So since here I'm trying to be the biggest person acknowledging my limitations and asking forgiveness for my transgressions. Since the bottom of my broken heart. I already finish the third achievement and I'm working on second a four achievement 🙏. I lie and I'm sorry.

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