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ArticlePending PayoutPayout Time
Poetry: Reality Of Life$0.8830th April 12:36
The peace of mind$2.181st May 13:04
Life perception: what kind of life is meaningful$10.4629th April 08:07
How to know yourself correctly$0.2629th April 07:54
How to change personality from introverted to extroverted$0.2130th April 07:47
"Father and Daughter":$0.3728th April 08:09
How to face your shortcomings and shortcomings$0.1227th April 08:21
If God exists, How does one rationalize that?$1.2529th April 08:58
The sure source of help$1.4929th April 20:59
WEEKLY CONTEST week 7 - Healthy Game - Day 5 - The Best Natural Face Care Cream By @basky14$0.1129th April 11:02
ç°¸ä¹‹æ‰¬ä¹‹ï¼Œç³ ç§•åœ¨å‰$28.0429th April 14:52
Steemit Crypto Academy Season 2: An Introduction to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Homework task by @humble1$0.0128th April 12:05
What is FOREX Trading? Explained$0.4328th April 16:41
åŠ å…¥æŽ¨èè®¡åˆ’å¹¶èŽ·å¾—å¥–åŠ±$265.0728th April 16:08
构成DeFiå †æ ˆ$55.6328th April 16:43
æ— ç©¿ä»“æ— åˆ†æ‘Š$128.9728th April 16:24
DeFi领域开始重整旗鼓$265.1028th April 16:02
DeFié€šå¸¸ç”¨äºŽåŒºå—é“¾å’ŒåŠ å¯†è´§å¸é¢†åŸŸ$266.7728th April 15:59
DeFi有哪些组成部分?$259.7228th April 15:57
Uefa President set to ban the just created Super League members clubs from European Tournaments$1.0526th April 22:04
点对点风险交易协议$34.7628th April 19:42
推动了DeFi的创新发展$29.1928th April 17:32

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ArticlePayoutPayout Time
Depression: Why do people get depression? In fact, everyone can suffer from depression$6.8825th April 08:16
Crypto Academy Week 9 - Homework Post for @alphafx$18.7725th April 08:35
Steemit Crypto Academy - Season II Week I by @imagen - ICO -$18.5125th April 08:39
Crypto Academy Week 10 - Homework Post for @levycore$0.2726th April 12:02
Victorious Bayelsa State Athletes receives by Governor Diri$1.5523rd April 10:52
28 year Super Eagle's Skipoo Musa Signed back to his home club Kano Pilars$12.6924th April 16:53
Enyimba FC suffers risk of Elimination in the ongoing Caf Confederation Competition$1.0326th April 18:19
I Love Reading$0.0923rd April 09:30