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The words "selfish and ignorant" are very important both for lives0.016th May 2021
No word for this0.247th May 2021
The Great pyramid0.243rd May 2021
Bitcoin only as a payment0.266th May 2021
In fact, there is a big difference in life between women who are so exquisite and fake.1.297th May 2021
Helplessness in middle age is not their lack of money or power, the fact that society "forces you to admit your destiny"1.256th May 2021
In the depression era, truly powerful people lead "subtractive" lives6.605th May 2021
The habit of "wearing shoes" reveals who we are1.214th May 2021
It is a personality defect to please outsiders and neglect family members0.602nd May 2021
Why are the "contradictions between men and women" in society becoming more acute today?0.601st May 2021
Jealous1.886th May 2021
The Resurrection of Christ0.066th May 2021
Protect Your Marriage0.066th May 2021
The peace of mind2.091st May 2021

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Poetry: Reality Of Life0.9730th April 2021