My #3rd Report On Plagiarists

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Greeting Everyone!

This is salmanwains, Punjab Police Officer of PSCA Pakistan. As I mentioned I am Police Officer so detecting criminals, thieves and offenders always boosts me to do more and it's my passion as well. I loves to do this job offline as well as Online.

Today, I have visited Steemit Nursery Community and found some Plagiarists who are regularly plagiarizing content in different Communities.

1) fiazgujar

NamePost LinkSource
fiazgujarPost 1 LinkPost 1 Source 1
Post 1 Source 2
Post 2 LinkPost 2 Source
Post 3 LinkPost 3 Source


 Yellow Line Separator.png

2) hamad222

NamePost LinkSource
hamad222Post LinkSource 1
Source 2


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3) starprince1

NamePost LinkSource
starprince1Post LinkSource 1
Source 2


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List of My All Three Reports on Plagiarists

NumberPlagiarists Report Link
Report 1
Report 2
Report 3


@endingplagiarism @steemcurator01 @the-gorilla @steemchiller @kiwi-crypto @jawad101   


All visited, thank you @salmanwains 👍

Thank you!
Working in some other communties....Next target would be Steemit Crypto Academy as I have observed many plagiarists in previous seasons