Report on Repeat Offenders - Regular Plagiarists Found in Newcomers Community

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Greeting Everyone!

This is salmanwains, Punjab Police Officer of PSCA Pakistan. And this is not the first time I am posting in this community about the plagiarists. I have found and wrote about some plagiarists in Steemit Crypto Academy 2 Months Ago. After that I got busy in some other tasks and routine duty and life.

But now, I am free and hoping to start my work again in Mosquito Squishers to help the engingplagiarism team.

Today, I have visited Newcomer's Community and found some repeat offenders or Plagiarists who are regularly plagiarizing content in different Communities.

1) Meet sainish
sainish - A Plagiarist found in NewComers Community.jpg

Offences: The user is posting plagiarized content on Steemit as well as user is posting same content/posts in multiple communities on Steemit.

NamePost LinkSource
sainishPost LinkSource 1
Source 2

2) Meet malikhusnain007

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Offences: That user is not a regular offender but to this category that's why he needs immediate attention and warning so that he stop stealing content of other Authors.

NamePost LinkSource
malikhusnain007Post LinkSource 1
Source 2
Source 3

3) Meet kevinfy

Cross Posting in multiple communities.JPG

Offences: That user is posting same content in multiple communities on Steemit with same text, title, description, Images etc.

kevinfySame Post 1
Same Post 2
Same Post 3


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All Visited - Thanks for The Help👍

Thanks to you as well!
Making more Reports soon.