Venezuela Concurso | Semana 4 | Cartas de Amor | Tu eres la sombra de mi amor

in Venezolanos Steem2 months ago (edited)
9th Feb 2021

Dear Love,


A few years ago, my heart began to fill with positive energy. I had the feeling of I am not alone anymore. In every single step I put forward, someone followed me in thoughts. In every time that I want to share my feelings, someone was there to hear me. Yes it is you ...

The one who never rejects my request, the one who never say no. The one who brings the sun if I ask for a small star. Yes it is you ..

There was a guy I had modeled by my mind that I wanted to have. I had a dream smile, an attire, thoughts, attitudes and similarities to see. It was a miracle of God, and lucky me! I met the one who was in my mind. Yes it is you ..

One who with I share my all happiness, the one with who I share all my pains, the one who listens to all nonsense I say, the one who appreciates all ugly stuff I make, the one who shows mistakes of every new thing I try. Yes it is you ..

My wish of the life is, protecting you smile for as long as I live, what I can't live without.

With love,


This is my entry to contest by @solperez. cc: @marcybetancourt , @fjjrg


A letter loaded with metaphors that reflect a pure and sincere love for the one who has come to light your days. Thanks for participating. Good luck in the contest.

pure and sincere love

I am 🥰 thank you for feedback. I think this is the contest I joined after a long time

Hola amiga, un gusto saludarte.
Que bonita participación, definitivamente el amor es la energia mas poderosa del mundo.
Saludos, exito en el concurso, que tengas un maravilloso dia.

Thank you sister. Hope my title is correct 😅 I used google translator to title. 'You are the shadow my love'

Amiga corrigelo asi: "Tu eres la sombra de mi amor"

Oh thank you I edited

Your words are filled with love. I can feel. Such a wonderful love story 💖. Stay blessed 🥰

Thank you fren🎈

The one who brings the sun if I ask for a small star.

Sirawata? Mu nam yakek thamyi. Lucky you! 😁😁😁

Ow 😍😍😍😍 yakek😍

Thanikara boruwakne itn... Oka karanna puluwan deyakda... Wishwaye energy source eka hollannada hdanne ah.. 😂😂😂

Oyawa mute krnawa man elangata🏒


The love that he expresses in the photograph is nice that I had to translate the letter to read it.

Blessings to you

Thank you very much. I don't know Spanish so I had to use English🤗

So heart-touching 🤗
The words you used , show the love of you, for him...❤️

This is so full of love 🙊 Love is the greatest blessing ❤️ Wishing you an unending love and happiness ❣️

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