Video, Audio Of Fourth Ingenuity Flight Has Been Captured By Perseverance Mars rover

NASA's Perseverance rover captured the whirring of Ingenuity's fast-spinning rotors during the little chopper's fourth Red Planet flight, which took place on April 30, NASA officials announced the news yesterday (May 7).

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This is the very first time the sounds of a different spacecraft have been captured by a spacecraft on the surface of another planet.

During the first moments of the flight, it is further obscured by Martian wind gusts. The helicopter's hum can be heard faintly above the roar of the winds if you listen closely.

The rover project wasn't sure if the microphone on Perseverance would pick up any sound from the helicopter's takeoff and landing because it was parked 262 feet (80 meters) away. The thin Martian atmosphere muffles the sound of the helicopter's blades spinning at 2,537 rpm even during takeoff.

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