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If you haven't seen it you should watch it, there are a few places you can watch it free online. I am writing this just because it is such a strange movie that people will probably want to read other people's ideas of what it is about after they watch it. So watch it, and come back and comment, because I want to know what you think when you watch it too.

So basic plot without giving anything away:
4 Astronauts are chosen for a mission that is meant to test the Psychological effects of Space travel, and they go underground for 400 days in a capsule that is meant to simulate a Space Ship. There is a guy named Walter that talks to them through a computer, and they do a fake launch and everything, then they are basically just hanging out waiting for the 400 days to end. One of the astronauts is a doctor and she basically psycho-analyzes them the whole time they are underground. Then some weird stuff happens and they have to leave the capsule.

So that is basically the summary of the movie without giving anything away.

The movie is called 400 days

Ok, so the movie is really really confusing, and there are a lot of people that have posted about it online, as soon as it ended I looked up the movie and the first thing people say is "So after watching the movie you probably went straight to Google like I did" and yes, that is exactly what happens. Again,

So, I am going to post everything I got from it, and if anyone else has anything to add that I missed or has a different theory let me know.

First off, in the opening credits there were lab rats, and MKULTRA/Clockwork Orange type stuff, like people with weird stuff on their head, or that seemed like they were part of some prisoner or military drug experiment. So that gave me the idea that the movie was going to be about LSD type trials on people. Then when they are entering the capsule, Walter, the guy that they talk to through the computer, asks the doctor girl "Do we still have a deal?". So I am pretty sure she is in on it, even though she later says that the 'deal' was breaking upwith her boyfriend before they both went in to do the experiment, to see if they could still handle the 400 days after a breakup.

Second, they picked Dane Cook, and the first thing you think when you see him is that the movie is going to suck, or that he is there for comic relief, or something like that, but they actually chose him to mess with your head. He is a character that you won't believe, and you will think that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Which is exactly what happens while you are watching the movie. You think "He doesn't know what he is talking about". And then on day 1 Walter tells them through the computer that he left them all gifts, and Dane Cook's is like a Playboy magazine, while everyone else's are a little more sophisticated, so they are trying to implant in your mind that he is stupid. And throughout the movie Dane Cook is like "This is an experiment" and "They must have given us Psychedelics" but you don't believe him, because while you are watching you almost hope that he is wrong.

Third, the doctor girl tells them that they all need shots because they are in close quarters, so they could spread diseases to one another, and they need to make sure that doesn't happen. Dane Cook is like "No, they never told us we had to get shots" and the doctor basically says "Yes, they did, you're stupid" and he says "I remember everything always, and they never mentioned shots" but then lets her give him the shot. And you might not notice, but she never gives herself a shot, then she gives them shots a few more times and they don't complain or ask about it again, they just let her keep giving them shots throughout the experiment.

Fourth, they really did a good job casting Dane Cook and he played his part well, because he literally explains everything throughout the whole movie and you don't believe him while you are watching it. There is a scene where the doctor girl dies, and the captain has to give her CPR. When they are trying to figure out what is going on later, Dane says "She was probably faking it, and this is all part of the simulation" but again, you don't believe him when he says it. But at the end, if you think about it, you realize she probably was. She never got any shots, she has a deal with Walter, etc. she is in on it.

Now, I don't exactly understand the part with the crazy radiated monster guy, he bangs on the hatch to the ship for a while, then when they are sleeping he breaks in and seems to just want food, then he is trying to leave and he passes out and the doctor takes him to a room and sedates him. Then later when they leave the capsule the house they find belongs to the same guy, then at the end when the captain lets a guy out of a cage, I am pretty sure that is the same guy too. But he is the only radiated looking guy, everyone else is somewhat normal, but dirty/grungey. Also, I am not sure how the element from the moon got there, but it could just be programmed into their system to find that even though its not there, just so they think they are on the moon or something. I'm also not sure why it is dark all the time as if there is no Sun anymore. But when the captain first leaves the ship he does see like the Moon or something in the sky behind clouds that looks like the moon, which is weird because later they are told that the moon was destroyed, so what was in the sky? It was probably the moon, but again, I don't know why the Sun never shows up.

So then once that guy comes in they talk about oxygen, the doctor says that they are at 15%, so they will adapt, but they will start hallucinating and getting more tired and stuff, they decide to leave but Dane Cook is like "No, this is all part of the experiment" but they knock him out and leave, which while you are watching it seems like the reasonable thing, because something seems to have gone wrong with the experiment, but Dane Cook is right, it's all part of the experiment.

Then they leave the ship, and Dane Cook says "They probably gave us psychedelics, so that we would be open to suggestion and paranoia" when he says it you ignore him, but if you think back to the opening credits, they were basically showing Psychedelic tests, not any other kind of test, so it is most likely that they are being given psychedelics, and that is probably what she was injecting them with. She never injected herself, just them. They find the radiated guys house, and a picture of him, and on the table there is a map with towns crossed out except 1 town, then right after that they find that town, so it's almost like they were open to suggestion and now they are accepting the suggestion that the other towns must be desolate and this is the only town, but they never check, they just assume that because of the map. And Walter stopped talking to them like 300 days in, so they are also going crazy from just being in a confined space with no contact with the outside world. Like Solitary confinement type stuff, but with a few other people.

When they get to the town there are lights that lead them in, and they even mention that it seems as if the lights are there to draw them in, not for the people there to see in the street, because also no one is walking around, they are all inside and all seem to stay inside except when the astronauts are leaving. But then when they are going to the Diner a guy walks out and starts sweeping, they talk to him and he tells them to come in and eat, they say no, but he insists. They keep asking him what is going on, and he won't tell them. Then when they get in the Diner Dane Cook recognizes everyone, they are all the Media people who were at the Press Conference that happened before they went in the capsule, and if you watch the credits at the end of the movie, he is right because the Media people are listed in the credits, but the people in the diner are not listed in the credits. So they are the same people. And he also recognizes Ms. February from the magazine he had, which he is also right about. But when he says all this, you ignore it, because you think while watching it "None of that can be true" but it is. And the Diner guy ends up telling them that the Moon was hit by something and came raining down to the Earth, so when you hear that you think "Oh, it is real, because they found moon elements earlier", but again, the captain saw the moon. It's still in the sky.

So then Dane Cook goes with Ms. February and disappears, probably because he was giving everything away, and they wanted him out of the experiment so as not to mess with the others, since they all still believed it was real. Then the Chemist takes first watch, and he has a Hallucination while he is in the bathroom, then he finds a Menu for the diner and the picture of the owners are not the same people who claim they own it, so that contradicts what the Diner guy said, because he said it was their town and they all survived because they had a spirit of ownership that allowed them to keep their town together. Then the chemist guy has another Hallucination and ends up running through some hallways and runs into the Diner guy who says "What are you doing back here" so he probably almost found out about the experiment, or was in an area where people running the experiment were, so at this point they take him out of the experiment so as not to mess with the 2 people who still think it is real (except the doctor, who is probably part of the whole thing).

So the 2 wake up, and the Chemist guy is gone, but the Diner guy tells them that they came there alone. Then tells them that they are oxygen deprived, which would be a weird thing for him to know, then says they need to leave, and tells them to "Go back to your ship" even though they never mentioned a ship to him, they just said that they had a hiding place after whatever happened, happened. So he knows too much to not be part of it.

Then as they are leaving, the lights go out, and the doctor disappears, so the captain is alone running around lost. He goes in a shop and finds a kitchen, in the kitchen he finds the radiated guy in a cage and lets him out, then turns a corner and gets stabbed. And the lady who stabs him apologizes like it really really was an accident, so she didn't mean to stab him and was probably part of the experiment, but accidentally stabbed him when he turned the corner. Then when he meets back up with the doctor she randomly has a kit to stop the bleeding, probably because she is part of the experiment and they just accidentally stabbed him, so they gave her a kit to fix it.

Then they go back to the ship, and the Diner guy and a few other people followed them there, and when the astronauts see them they are hammering a pole into the ground, which I am not sure why they were doing that. Then the Diner guy and one other guy go into the capsule, while one guy stays outside. The captain kills 2 people, then ends up fighting the Diner guy, and the doctor kills him (I'm not sure she actually killed him, that is just what looks like happens, but I think she is part of the whole thing). Then a few seconds later the 400 days are up, what seems like a recording of Walter comes on the screen, and the hatch opens up with light shining in.

And the movie ends without explaining anything.

So my theory is that the doctor girl was in on everything and the whole thing was an experiment, none of it was real. Dane Cook's character was pretty much right about everything.
They are all oxygen deprived, and Dane Cook's character and the Chemist never existed, and the broken up couple are the only ones who were part of it, and they are just going crazy.

Those are pretty much the only 2 things that explain almost everything that happens.

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