Drawing the Joker | Joaquin Phoenix

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Hello everyone at the request of some people who say that I do not stop uploading drawings that I already had in steen, I decided to porner the one of Joker (that at the time of uploading it to my channel I had problems with the music that I put on it and I had to change it by copyright).

As you already know, the actor Joaquin Phoenix plays the main role in the movie ‘Joker’, which for me is the best film by this great actor.

Well without more I leave you with my drawing, I hope you all like it

  • Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils.
  • Polychromos colored pencils.
  • Derwent colored pencils.
  • Caran Dache colored pencils.
  • White Posca pen.
  • Hahnemuelle Bristol paper 250g.
  • Sakura ink pen.

TIME SPENT: 12h21min

The drawing is taken from this photograph http://prntscr.com/ujtftc





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valla @jaquevital acabo de ver la foto y ahora veo el dibujo y pensaba que era una foto wooo eres increible

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