StockPhotos : Winter Sunset on the Rideau River Canada

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This is a photo I took the other night as the sun was setting on the Rideau River here in Ontario Canada.
It’s still quite cold here but the days are getting longer so spring is just around the corner.

It will soon be time to tap the Maple Trees for Sap so that we can make our Maple Syrup. We need warm sunny days where the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius and the nights drop back down below zero.

Stay tuned for more Original Photography from Canada. 🇨🇦



It really warmed up like crazy here and melted all the snow. I still want to go up to Michigan to ski but I have to check the conditions. They should still have good base.

No we are just going to Bittersweet but looking at that Boyne Mountain.....that looks legit! Michigan is honestly underrated.

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Awesome. Thanks so much.