Antirrhinum Majus Flower 🌸

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The Antirrhinum majus with fresh purple flowers is known as the common snapdragon which is a species of flowering plant belonging to the genus Antirrhinum.
The Snapdragon flowers are beautiful & come in a wide array of attractive cool shades, from pastel to bright attractive colors including pink, orange, purple, yellow, peach, red, white & bicolor.
Some of them may be classic looking with two puffed petals that look-like stacked berets, or the azalea-flowered ‘fringed or ruffled’.
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Really a beautiful flower, I like pinky flowers 💐

thanks for sharing on #stockphotos community.

Realmente disfruto contemplar cada especie de flor o planta que publica. Son unas bellezas.

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Always on a better track. Good looking flower Antirrhinum

Really nice flower, teach me how to make my post get more upvote like yours

Beautiful flower

They are beautiful purple snapdragon flowers.

what a beautiful photo

What a beautiful flower Antirrhinum Majus Flower 🌸 is . I love the purple flowers. This is a collection of beauty in a single plant. @udibekwe you're always on point

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It is soo beautiful flower❣️

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Gardening is an one of my hobbies.. love your photos.. try to garden various flowers

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Beautiful lavender flower. Such a good for our eyes.

Informative post.

nice flower.

Nice Plant...

es un interesante saber el nombre que sele da a las plantas en otros lugares acá se le llama reina del monte

Amazing picture @udibekwe

Color is very beautiful :)