Rhipsalis Baccifera 🌵

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Rhipsalis baccifera is commonly known as the mistletoe cactus, which is an epiphytic cactus which usually originates from Central & South America, the Caribbean & Florida. It’s also found throughout the cool tropics of Africa & into the Sri Lanka where it’s known in the Sinhala as nawahandi.
Its stem is crushed & used with the juice of Lonchocarpus chrysophyllus to treat the deadly bites of coral snakes.
It’s free to use stock photo at will.
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Thanks for sharing

Good looking kind of cactus 🌵

Thanks, good post, makes me feel to get it.

This is highly educative
Thanks @udibekwe @stockphotos

Que hermosa tengo otra diferente

Interesante cactus muy decorativo

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Thank you. I am new here on Steemit and am so far really enjoying these daily plant posts.

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