🌺Flowers, subtlety, colors and meaning.

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Flowers communicate emotions and feelings, in addition to their colors and their unique beauty, whoever gives a bouquet of flowers expresses something through it and sometimes not only the type of flower matters, but also the color, and that is colors can express different things.

Sunflowers are quite enigmatic plants. Its flower has the peculiarity of moving to look for the rays of the sun, so sunflowers signify happiness, liveliness and spirituality. A sunflower is given as a gift to wish the person good luck and abundance.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S5
PhotographyLocation: Margarita, Venezuela
Credit© @yrasilva08


This flower 🌹 is so beautiful.It is as vibrant as the sun.I can feel the good luck it signifies by viewing it through the phone.The picture quality is great. Happiness ,liveliness and spirituality ,what significance! It doesn't wait for the sun,but turns to the angle of the sun! Very informative post thanks for sharing

Me encantan los colores y mas la naturaleza, ella nos trasmite y llena de tantas emosiones, gracias por tu comentario, saludos #spanish #venezuela

Wao amiga que hermosos girasoles, te quedó muy bonita la foto.
Saludos, que tengas una feliz noche.

Gracias. Camino a diario entre los pueblos adyacentes a mi residencia y muchas casas poseen plantas con flores hermosas, ver estas flores es parte grafitificante de mi paseo y no desaprovecho la oportunidad de fotografiarlas, saludos