Rules Reminder | Contest # 3: Promote Steemit & DraftCrearte Community creatively

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Your participation is important, the contribution you make by demonstrating your artistic talents is valued by the @crearte work team, for this reason, we want that when doing your creative work you also comply with the participation rules and thus complete all the steps, that are necessary for your ticket to be valid.

We also want to say that we are very happy because so far 19 artists have participated and this drives us to continue. If you are late to the contest, don't worry, you still have time to upload it. Here is the subject of this contest and the rules:

Participate promoting Steemit and the DraftCrearte community in a Flyer

The creativity is in you, allow yourself to see beyond what you thought you could do, more than that, show it to yourself and show it here, in the art contest with a Flyer.

Simply using graphite pencil on a sheet of paper, showing promotional information from the Steemit social network and the DraftCrearte community.

With this freehand flyer, we want the benefit of everyone within steemit and the community, making them participate in the growth of the community in a creative way, making ourselves known. An idea must be captured to make it come true, become the artist you have always wanted to be.

We look forward to your participation and remember, the rules are to be met, in this way we can work together as an artist-community team.


Please read the following rules carefully:

  • Post title should be something creative depending on your project. For example, it should NOT be: Concurso - Volante a mano alzada - Daftcrearte
  • Include the tag: #contest-draftcrearte
  • The art must be identified with your username.
  • Include the art process by placing at least 5 PHOTOS + FINAL RESULT + SELFIE.
  • Make sure that you post your entry in the DraftCrearte community
  • Copy the link of your entry in the comments of this contest.
  • Only one entry per user.
  • If any type of plagiarism is discovered, the user will be disqualified, and all future DraftCrearte contests.
  • If you used a web image as a reference, you need to upload it to the post and its location url.
  • Articles in Spanish and English are allowed.

Additional rules for this contest

  • Add the following tags: #promo-steem #exclusive-steem
    In total there would be three tags: #contest-draftcrearte #promo-steem #exclusive-steem
  • Only freehand, black and white designs will be accepted. Just use a graphite pencil and sheet.
  • You must share your publication on Instagram through a Stories and tag the official DraftCrearte account.

Your creativity will achieve the increase in masses of many more users, by making us notice beyond our community, with great force throughout the Steem blockchain.

Learn about the prizes of this contest by visiting the following link.

Contest # 3: Promote Steemit & DraftCrearte Community creatively

The contest ends on Friday, April 23 at 1:00 pm (Venezuelan time) and the winners will be announced the same day at 6:00 pm.

Are you new and would like to join the community? Visit the following post for more details.

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 5 months ago 

Excelente recordatorio de las reglas que se deben cumplir, los usuarios estarán más cerca de validar su trabajo.
firma Michelle.png

 5 months ago 

Muy bueno, gracias por recordarnos las reglas, es de mucha ayuda

 5 months ago 

Good contest, to develop hidden talents and to expose many. Excellent idea and quite an influx of users.

 5 months ago 

Gracias por recordar las reglas. Dios les bendiga.