Weekly Activity Report | Top 5 DraftCrearte Community Posts [06/07 to 06/12]

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We know that your posts deserve to be rewarded, for this reason we have been supporting all the quality posts that are published in our feed.

  • Each User who makes his presentation will receive a small contribution of 0.500 STEEM
  • 6 will be chosen quality posts that follow the community rules receive 1 Steem each.
  • Our weekly contests will also allow us to evaluate your work, choosing the best entries to be awarded.
  • In addition, if its publication is liked by the curators, it may be rewarded with a vote in favor of @steemcurator01

Recurso 6sound.png

Recurso 5sound.png

The following posts have been chosen for originality, effort and creativity. They also stand out for being very specific in their "step by step" and quality photos.

Portalápices Steemit usando material de reciclaje (100% original) by @rjlv190
ShowYourTalent with Steem - Contest #5: Ebocando sueños perdidos by @yulimar19
Creating letters with polystyrene [Splattered paint effect] By: @Cindycam
"Steemit y Draftcrearte una escuela para el arte": Cómo hacer velas perfumadas, reutilizando los restos de velas del candelabro y varillas de inciensos. By: @oscarcede
ShowYourTalent with Steem - Contest #5: Corazón de adorador by @Nazareth. By: @nazareth


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Felicidades a los ganadores de la semana.

 4 months ago 

Gracias por todo el apoyo bendiciones!!

Felicidades amigo, lluvias de bendiciones

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Felicidades amigos.

 4 months ago 

Muchas gracias por apreciar mi trabajo, felicitaciones a todos los ganadores de la semana.

Felicitaciones a quienes son afortunados. Saludos.