The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 53). Looking at the stars.

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Hello @xpilar once again THANK YOU! for your wonderful activity and the opportunity you give us to participate using your designs, creativity is already on our side. We just have to let our imagination fly and let the ideas flow.

Since I was a child I learned that birds are animals that can fly, they are animals with wings covered with feathers. But there is an exception to this rule because I have also heard that Penguins are birds. And how? If they don't have feathers and such cortical wings. But then they may not fly so high, but they do fly, they have small wings, but they do fly.

They live in a cold zone, with little human contact, but they are happy in their habitat, they cannot live outside, they would die, it is better to leave them where they are.

Image courtesy of @xpilar

Looking at the stars,
seeking that light
that shines in the dark sky
is our guide on the road.

We also dream of flying
near Mrs. Luna,
see if it's really cheese
or milk for the Milky Way thing.

Playing with the stars
and take one of them
to light up my room
may it always shine
on the darkest nights.


We are Penguins
we are also living beings
that we think, we have feelings
we also have imagination.

If we fly but want
go up to heaven
and sleep in his cotton balls,
play with each other
from there see down
and contemplate the wonderful
which is our Earth
the place we live.



Siempre te destacas, eres genial en tus creaciones, mi querida amiga, un hermoso poema inspirado a partir de una imágen también espectacular como lo son las creaciones de @xpilar que nos sumergen en otra dimensión hermosa a la vista y a los sentidos. Un abrazo y mi apoyo en el #toptres @zhanavic69

thank you for beautiful poetry @zhanavic69

Apoyando TOP3

Apoyando el Top 3.
Hermoso poema

Apoyado @toptres del día.

Un hermoso poema, veo los pingüinos y solo me imagino esos videos en donde salen lanzándose por el hielo en forma divertida. @zhanavic69

Si debe ser rico como un toboganje je je. esos dotes de poeta hasta me desconozco ja ja ja, eso fue en la mañana que aproveche que la mente esta fresca ja ja ja