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Our Purpose

The tag informationwar on Steemit is for posts discussing Information War, Propaganda, and Disinformation, which happens across many subjects. We are a peaceful and non-violent movement that sees information is being held back by mega corporations that own 90% of "News Output", as well as other various bad actors who have an interest in continuing a lie or narrative for profit or for power. The our goal is to expose liars, debunk narratives on all sides, give you the data big MSM/govt doesn't want you to see, discuss how to reduce corruption, discuss conspiracies, build up decentralized platforms so that information is not deleted, and create a truth seeker/critical thinking minded culture.

  • The subjects/topics we write most about are the following: Truth/Freedom/Facts/Data/Analysis/Liberty/Censorship/Decentralization/Cryptocurrency/Building a Better World That Is More Self Reliant/Debunking MSM/Holding Govt Accountable/Precious Metals/Smaller Govt.

  • Our group is dedicated to pushing back back against misleading MSM narratives and clickbait journalism. The only reason they have such a monopoly on the information coming out is because of their 1st mover advantage in being the 1st people in the market and having the most amount of money to have large media corporations/tech/broadcasting/etc. It truly was impossible to get any other message out, but with advances in technology this is no longer the case. We are able to build up a movement and get our message out for just the cost of internet/smartphone/computer and our time, now is the best time for truth seekers to get out the message. The ultimate purpose of the founding of InformationWar is to give you tools to defend your liberty, and has evolved into much more than that.

Censorship, and how it is giving birth to The Decentralized Truth Movement

Censorship. Censorship has been happening at an increasing rate across all countries, whether it be the UK trying to pass extreme censorship laws that only help mega corporations, of which this ALMOST was signed into law or the massive police state in China where they check your papers on every block like the Nazis did or even our own USA where Democrats are trying to censor anything non-radical leftist....Something has been happening in all cultures across the world that is not good, people are openly supporting censoring others in an effort to further their political party.

The Decentralized Truth Movement is something that we are all participating in when we create content that is posted to a censorship resistant blockchain or pro free speech platform. Getting the facts out there and explaining things in a rational and logical way is something that most people simply don't have available to them via MSM/fakebook/twatter and other garbage news sources. Some variation of that phrase Decentralized Truth Movement will become the name for our project moving forward, while still keeping this username the same and the overall goal largely the same.

Leadership Team/Board of Directors/Curators/Mods/Youtube Creator/Website Blogger

  • @ausbitbank - Special thanks for being the first person to help out with SP delegation and curation trail for the IW effort, this truly made a BIG difference in attracting content creators for the #informationwar tag

Curation Guidelines

Note- These are guidelines, not rules. Mods use their own discretion to curate.

  • Mods can curate their own related content. Try not to go more than 3 times a day, but in the case of urgent that events can cause waves of posts this can be ok.

  • Don't worry about "draining" the account's Voting Power; if you are uncomfrtable with the current VP, make sure you ReSteem relevant posts and or do a lower powered vote.

  • Tags to search for related material (feel free to add your own to the list): informationwar, news, fakenews, truth, freedom, liberty, censorship, propaganda, deepstate, wikileaks, conspiracy,
    corruption, familyprotection, politics, osint,
    introduceyourself (looking for new Steemers who are interested in our concepts.

  • Video - Video submissions to the informationwar tag should be accompanied by a written summary of what the video is about and who is featured. Feel free to suggest this to video creators whose work you'd like to curate.

  • Try not to curate the same person too many times a day; use your own judgement ;>

  • We can curate content we don't agree with if we see thatthe post fills the basics of our purpose

  • Don't engage in argumentation on the @informationwar account; if dispute occurs, move to your own account and continue from there.

  • Don't engage in "backhand" curation...Relevance: this poster is an asshole...;> I'd suggest a counter-post on your own account and then curation from this account.

  • Avoid curating copypasta posts/posts that seem like they are stolen/ripped/re-worded from others. Feel free to suggest to such submitters to add their own analysis if it looks like they are "reposting something to save it on the blockchain". Perhaps refer them to this post, {You can write for #informationwar....easily and on a format...kick that writer's block in the junk!](

  • Every once in a while, read Our Purpose ;>

Posting this now and will add more to it as I get spare time ;) Thanks!



Congrats on the community page! I would suggest placing this link in the "Click here to join...": as it leads directly to the community while the other one just points to the hive account.


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Glad to see we're stepping up our game!

Looks like tipu had a hick-up. Let's see what it is doing today. Steem on!
@tipu curate

I missed this when I posted my latest article into the Education community first. Well, some times someone (might be me) will put it here as a gem. Steem on! @tipu curate

yeah ! you will be able to harvest users, then censor those you don't like... and like the little shepard be killed. there are two kind of wolf packs... those who hunt the sheeps (all do) and those who even prefer the taste of the shepard children meat... True packs.

for this it is simple, start to fix the shepard around his sheep... and so the main pack will be able to go to the village and slaughters all those who sought they could take over the wild...

and if the true packs have been reduced to not being able to splitt safely (less than 1000 wolves) let's the plagues war begins...

so the shepards children are dead by what their patriarchs can't even see...

warfare isn't for the weak, nor for the herders... be the herd, be the pack...


you don't see? you don't understand? does your income depends on you not understanding?

**No I don't consider this as income. **

I was perplexed by this comment of yours:

then censor those you don't like..

What do you mean?

harvest users

This aint fields of wheat bro

Say something disgusting about a racial group.

why should I even agree to the concept of "racial group"? if a genotype / phenotype was always yielding fallen it would be so easier...

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