Deputy Chief Resigns after pretending to be BLM protester, holding a beer and saying fuck the police in Fargo rioting.

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This is one of the most ridiculous stories I've heard out of all these protests and looting stories throughout the country. I mean this is a literal police provocateur in the BLM protest that happened over the weekend.

UPDATE: Fargo Police Deputy Chief Todd Osmundson has resigned from the Fargo Police Department.

He made the announcement live on air with KFGO Radio. Osmundson was suspended for one week without pay due to his actions during the George Floyd protest on Saturday.

This is what blew me away:

Osmundson came under scrutiny after his co-workers complained in an email that during the protest, Osmundson, who was working on his own undercover, held a protest sign at the law enforcement center, held a beer can during the downtown riot and that he said the words “f— the police” during the protest.

Ahh, calling bullshit on the part where he was working alone. It's one thing to go undercover to spot bad actors in a crowd but it a whole another level when your holding a beer to make protesters look and chanting fuck the police in the middle of a riot. All you're doing is helping stir up the roiters even more. I donno, maybe he's just trying to blend in more but couldn't you get some police on roof tops with binoculars scanning the crowd for bad actors instead?

In the end, I'm glad his colleagues called him out on this if in fact he did this on his own but I kind of thing that's bull shit.


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