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Looking for our active USA based STEEMERS to join this community.
One of the goals for creating this group is to show we are still here on Steem.
We hope to spotlight this in order to be included as a community like other countries have recently done in regards to a #1000DaysofSteem initiative .
Please make a post letting us and STEEM know where in USA you live and maybe how long you have been bloggin/creating on this platform.




Colorado based... veteran.. active poster

Please use #usasteemusers to help show we are still here!

US of A here too. I haven't been posting as I should but I been here since June 2017. Right before the spike and climb happened. Which hooked me and once this project I am working on is done I plan to be back posting and curating lots.

Please use #usasteemusers tag to help us grow.

California dreaming right here!

USA based here! Haven’t post much but I curate every day! Still got my Steem powered up!


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Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

Hello from the DC Metro area. Glad to find you guys.

Hello from AZ. Pleasure is mine. Join us sometime .Drop a post here for us. RESPECT

Florida! Disabled combat rescue vet! 🍻

Thank You for your service. If you post please use #usasteemusers tag in there to help show we are still strong and active.

Iowa, USA. Been posting since March 2018.

Please consider using #usasteemusers to bring more content for this endeavor. We might be able to get some solid momentum and potential delegations . Thank You

We still here, and pulling those hard to reach weeds! TRUMP2020

Howdy! Its been a many moons, but we still here. USA repping!

Hey we just got word from @guysofcannabis about this post! We are so proud to call USA our home, and we are also happy to call Steem our home. Hive is meh, so Steem all the way!

@oneamendpatriot Dear Sir/madam,

Can I be the part of this group or its for US citizens only?

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