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RE: Pragmatic solution for the Steemit Tron takeover fiasco 🤔

I like it, but #4 and #5 are fully based on trusting Justin. The witnesses would never agree to this. In the meantime I am convinced that they are afraid not so much about Justin, but that they will loose their privilegues (and income). I think it is all about money and not the best future of the chain. Remember HF21? This created more income for the whales but led to less posting activity and turned off many small accounts, didnt´t it?

Probably lawyers need to get involved to create a (smart?) contract where the next steps are laid out in detail.

BTW: Is Steemauto still offline?


I agree that we should minimize the number of steps that require trust, especially trust of Justin Sun. Trust is what got us into this problem, because the community felt STINC had obligations that were not coded.

Frankly, I haven't been convinced by any of the historical materials that STINC made binding statements regarding exactly how they'd use their stake. Therefore, I think we should avoid freezing or encumbering this stake. At this point that the status quo.

In fact, the status quo is actually a fine solution. As long as Tron / Sun cannot obtain a super-majority of witnesses, the protocol remains as is, i.e. safe. There is still risk that Sun has liquid STEEM that could be powered up to regain complete witness control.

In this case, economic nodes should refuse to upgrade to hardforked software that the community doesn't support. Even if a Sun supermajority hard forks, there is no need for the community to adopt that protocol. Yes would be running on a fork there'd be two blockchains.

Everything is about the money on the Steem blockchain. Even the majority of the Steem users are selfish and greedy. Most of the posts on the Steem blockchain are either ignored or overlooked, because most of the users are focusing only on their own posts. Why would anyone expect any different from the leaders? And this is why the whole Steem blockchain is basically agonizing. Almost everything on the Steem blockchain is going down since months/years.

I would not be that negative. There is a declining but still existing community, and still a huge potential for growth!

agree but the german speaking community is probably a bit different. Much more real communication under the articles.

I think Steemauto works again, at least there was a post that it's online again.

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