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New graphics!

In the following days, we will be refreshing the graphics in our community, hoping it will look more professional. We wish this step will help us to bring more new users to the community and in the long term when we will grow big enough, some investors.

We have prepared the new icon, that will appear as the sticker on every cover photo from the community publications, a new profile cover, five different gif footers as well as the text divider, and interactive icons that will redirect you to our social media. We also have made some extra buttons that allow making the quick SP delegation.

The changes will be uploaded to the profile and the old posts in the nearest few days. We are so excited that we have to share it with all of you today though.

All the elements were prepared in gimp, canva and opensourced gif makers - every single detail used in the project is on the CC licence.


Profile icon and background photo

The profile icon will also appear as the small badge in the upper-left corner in every cover photo of the post published by the community account.

Exclusively two fonts and two colors were used to create the Steem-Travelers theme.

Steem Travelers.jpg


There are five animated footers that will be in use under different type of posts. One will be dedicated to the contests, other to the tutorials, other to the best posts of the day lists etc.

All footers contains the discord contact to our moderators and admins with the information what languages our team members can communicate with.

footer 1.gif

footer 2.gif

footer 3.gif

footer 4.gif

footer 5.gif

Small elements

The other elements includes the text divider, separator for spanish version of the text and icons to our social media + quick delegations (for now we share only graphic version although they will be interactive in the future)



 2 months ago 

Hello, this beautiful picture you created
Will you allow me to use it in my own articles to introduce our community to their community?🙏😊 my friends who see this gift will want to write in your community as well.


 2 months ago (edited)

Sure, all the elements can be shared on the CC-BY licence. That means you can publish it anywhere you want, but every time add the information about the author, please ("created by: @papi.mati") 😉

Thank you for spreading the news about Steem-Travelers! It would be great to have your friends in the community - the more of us, the better

 2 months ago 

I'm talking about you to my friends I wish you good luck

Really, this is a great way for you to do your job and promote this thing. I will understand this thing so that I can easily understand more things from it. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Your Beloved: @arslanaj

 2 months ago 

very good

 2 months ago 

Me parece estupenda la nueva imagen gráfica que habéis diseñado. Muy dinámica y agradable de ver.


¡Será la envidia del resto de comunidades! ;-)

 2 months ago 

Mil gracias! Me tomó un tiempo prepararlo pero estoy bastante contento con el resultado, valió la pena. Me alegro que también te guste :)

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