The Newest update about #club5050 #club75 and #club100 || La última actualización sobre #club5050 #club75 y #club100

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The Newest update about #club5050 #club75 and #club100

Let me write once again about #club5050, as it's very important to know about this project. We have 166 active users but over half of them are not in the club yet, so they are losing a chance for earning any bigger money on the platform.

A few weeks ago Steem Curator team announced that club5050 will be launched. It's a project that rewards users with booming votes and direct steemcurator01 & steemcurator02 votes for the quality content made by people who power up at least 50% of their income.


Currently, it is impossible to earn any big money on Steemit without participating on #club5050!

Only posts of the users who participate in the project may get the booming support or SC01/SC02 upvote!


To join club5050 your MONTHLY ratio of all powered up STEEM to withdraws has to be at least 50:50 (you can power-up more though). Besides that your content must be #steemexclusive, tagged as #club5050 and you cannot use any upvote bots.


You can check your ratio HERE.


1) Write your nickname in "From".

2) Mark dates for one month back until today and click "search".

3) "Normal Transfer" shows your withdraws while "Transfer to Vesting" shows your power-ups.

Please, do not use #club5050 tag if you do not qualify for the program



Besides the traditional #club5050, since today #club75 and #club100 is launched.


To use #club75 tag, you need to power up at least three times as much as you are withdrawing.

When you want to withdraw 50 STEEM, you need to power up 150 STEEM, when you want to withdraw 100 STEEM, power up 300 STEEM. The account will be reviewed TWO MONTHS BACK.


With #club100 all the income has to be powered up.

The account will be reviewed THREE MONTHS BACK. You cannot withdraw any money in that time. Your account has to be at least three months old to use the tag.

Participating in #club75 or #club100 is not obligatory (#club5050 is enough to get the upvotes) but gives you the chance for the higher upvotes.


La última actualización sobre #club5050 #club75 y #club100

Permítanme escribir una vez más sobre # club5050, ya que es muy importante conocer este proyecto. Tenemos 166 usuarios activos, pero más de la mitad de ellos aún no están en el club, por lo que están perdiendo la oportunidad de ganar más votos en la plataforma.

Hace unas semanas, el equipo de Steem Curator anunció que se lanzará club5050. Es un proyecto que recompensa a los usuarios con votos Booming y votos directos de steemcurator01 y steemcurator02 por el contenido de calidad creado por personas que potencian al menos el 50% de sus ingresos.


¡Actualmente, es imposible ganar mucho dinero en Steemit sin participar en # club5050!

¡Solo las publicaciones de los usuarios que participan en el proyecto pueden obtener el voto Booming o el voto positivo de SC01 / SC02!


Para unirse al club5050, su proporción MENSUAL de todos los STEEM activados y los retiros debe ser de al menos 50:50 (aunque puede activar más). Además de eso, su contenido debe ser #steemexclusive, etiquetado como # club5050 y no puede usar ningún bot de upvote.


Puedes consultar tu ratio AQUÍ.


1) Escriba su apodo en "From".

2) Marque las fechas de un mes atrás hasta hoy y haga clic en "search".

3) "Normal Transfer" muestra sus retiros, mientras que "Transfer to Vesting" muestra sus potenciadores.

Por favor, no use la etiqueta #club5050 si no califica para el programa


#CLUB75 Y #CLUB100

Además del tradicional #club5050, desde hoy se lanza #club75 y #club100.


Para usar la etiqueta #club75, debe encender al menos tres veces más de lo que se está retirando.

Cuando desee retirar 50 STEEM, debe encender 150 STEEM, cuando desee retirar 100 STEEM, encienda 300 STEEM. La cuenta será revisada DOS MESES ATRÁS.


Con #club100 todos los ingresos tienen que ser potenciados.

La cuenta será revisada TRES MESES ATRÁS. No puede retirar dinero en ese tiempo. Su cuenta debe tener al menos tres meses para usar la etiqueta.

Participar en #club75 o #club100 no es obligatorio (# club5050 es suficiente para obtener los votos) pero te da la oportunidad de obtener los votos más altos.

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Thank you for this post.

Thanks for the clear explanation...
 3 months ago 

Thank you for sharing a very important update.


 3 months ago 

Thank you for the great update. I was a bit confused about the tag club75 and club100 but now I understand better. Joining any of these club is surely for our own benefit.


Que buena información 👍🏻
Lo tendré en cuenta, estoy activa usando la etiqueta #club5050
#affable #venezuela

 3 months ago 

SC01 comment with all the information included in the post:


This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

I have included this post in the 20th issue of Steem News Magazine For Steemit Platform | November 08, 2021.

I am very happy to hear about this program. Come on, friends, enthusiastically participate in this project. Don't waste this opportunity, how to join is also quite easy.

 3 months ago 

I love this clarification because of them are for our good.


 2 months ago 

Thanks so much for the update especially this.

The account will be reviewed TWO MONTHS BACK.

I am enlightened.

Thanks for the clarification. I now have a better understanding...

A very good post, and could be useful for new and old users alike, in terms of rebuilding accounts that are often under withdrawal, and could be stronger for the main purpose. achieved success with excellent Directions. Thanks again for this wonderful information, especially for me personally, and other friends, who like very simple thoughts, but can make a success together.

 2 months ago 

There is one issue that seems to me to be poorly thought out in terms of getting into #club5050.

In my case ninety-five percent of my 'normal transfer' table has gone in the last month to try to raise tipu's upvoting and everything, everything I have transferred to him has been returned to me, so I have not taken it out of my account.

It is clearly unfair to disregard the fact that the whole amount has been returned.

Cc. @papi-mati, @hive-111293


I'm very interested in joining this project but I don't know how to join #club5050 I beg you to help me join this project

Can you please let me know, If I am qualifying all the prerequisites, then how do I join the club5050 and club75

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